Dave Meltzer “Doesn’t Expect” CM Punk To Return To AEW

CM Punk

A new report from Dave Meltzer suggests that he doesn’t expect to see CM Punk back in AEW following his suspension from the company.

CM Punk was suspended along with The Elite, and company producer Ace Steel following an alleged fight that took place backstage following the All Out show in September.

Now speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has given an update on the situation surrounding CM Punk’s future and admits he doesn’t expect to see the former AEW World Champion back in the company:

“I know that Ace Steel, Chris, wants this thing to be behind him because I mean put it this way I think almost everyone if not everyone wants this to be behind them because every one of them is getting very negative reactions and some of them believe that they shouldn’t but everyone is and very, very negative reactions.”

“The last I heard was a week ago and at that moment, he was negotiating something, but where that transpires I mean, there was no deal or anything like that. I don’t expect him back [in AEW] because he’s injured, which I always thought was like, kind of a blessing in disguise.”

“But I will say this, I had some interaction with somebody who was not one of the people who was directly talked about and was there for pretty much all of it. The way they were talking, their belief was that there can’t be reconciliation, I mean, you know, I’ve seen more, but it was, it was pretty adamant. I know, there’s a lot of people pretty adamant on it.”

h/t Inside The Ropes