Ace Steel Slams “False Accusations”

aew all out Ace Steel CM Punk

Ace Steel has alluded to some “false accusations” as reports do the rounds suggesting that he has been released from AEW for his part in the backstage fight at All Out.

What should have been a night of triumph for AEW at All Out in Chicago turned into a night of complete disaster for the company. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega had been crowned inaugural AEW Trios Champions while CM Punk regained his place at the top of the tree by becoming AEW World Champion. And then things fell apart.

At the post-show media scrum, CM Punk lambasted several of his colleagues including The Young Bucks, though not mentioning them by name. Punk also pointedly told those in the locker room that have a problem with him to take it up with him. That last point is something that The Young Bucks were allegedly only too happy to do.

A fight ensued involving Punk, The Bucks, Kenny Omega, and company producer Ace Steel, with all men involved being suspended. It has now emerged that Steel has been let go by the company for his part in the brawl which is alleged to have included biting Kenny Omega and throwing a chair at the head of Nick Jackson.

Now Ace Steel has taken to his Instagram Stories to share an image of The Mega Powers about to explode as Macho Man Randy Savage points at Hulk Hogan in a famous scene from years gone by. Interestingly, Steel has captioned the post with the cryptic message “false accusations running wild.”

As for Ace Steel’s longtime friend CM Punk, it looks like his future in AEW is “doubtful” due to the incident.