Dave Meltzer Criticises Jim Cornette’s Outdated Wrestling Views

Dave Meltzer Criticises Jim Cornette's Outdated Wrestling Views

Dave Meltzer didn’t hold back as he criticised Jim Cornette, asserting that Cornette lacks an understanding of contemporary professional wrestling.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Dave Meltzer attributes their strained relationship to Cornette’s inability to adapt to the changes that have unfolded in the industry.

Number one, he doesn’t understand modern wrestling whatsoever, which is, I think part of it.

Meltzer acknowledges Cornette’s profound knowledge of wrestling pre-2005, praising his intelligence during that era. However, he emphasises that Cornette’s disdain for the current state of wrestling reflects a refusal to accept its evolution.

If you talk to anybody about wrestling pre-2005, you will find that there are very few who are smarter than Jim Cornette, I would put him right near the top. So now things have changed in a different direction, and he despises them,

Meltzer stated.

According to Meltzer, Cornette was once a trailblazer in appreciating the acrobatic and dynamic style of wrestling exemplified by figures like Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask. Meltzer points out that the wrestlers Cornette now criticises are the very individuals influenced by the same tapes that he admired.

It’s funny because the guys who started this direction, he was the first guy in the business in the United States who understood Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask and Japanese wrestling. And now, he’ll have his rationales, but essentially, the guys that he hates now are the guys that were the disciples who learned from watching the same tapes and then took it one step further and made it more acrobatic and things like that.

What Does Jim Cornette Think About Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating System?

Jim Cornette has stated that he believes that Dave Meltzer’s star rating system holds no weight as he fails to award matches, that in his opinion display better wrestling ability than others, the coveted five star rating.

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