Jim Cornette Slams Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has hit out at the star rating system moderated by Dave Meltzer and questions some of the types of matches that can get the hallowed five stars these days.

With wrestling following society at large into ever-more tribalism, the faith and respect given to Dave Meltzer’s star ratings are seen by many as an indication of where you stand as a fan and what kind of wrestling you prefer. But for some, the ratings are still just one man’s opinion.

Some people take issue with a perceived bias against WWE with the company only playing host to 18 five-star matches over the years with AEW already having 22, despite the fact the latter company has only been in existence for four years.

Jim Cornette, however, speaking on his Experience podcast, has taken issue with Dave Meltzer not awarding matches that he sees as being pure wrestling matches five stars when he has awarded them to the Anarchy In The Arena match at Double Or Nothing:

“If Uncle Dave is giving five stars to the plumber [Jon Moxley] for these multiple-man bullsh*t matches where he’s unprofessional, looks like sh*t, his work is see-through and phony, he cuts himself on camera and they use every f*cking piece of furniture in the building, bury the referee countless times, and can’t use the ring ’cause they’re on the floor or bleachers.

“If that gets have stars then what, when you have four athletes that look like wrestlers [FTR vs. Jay White and Juice Robinson], that know what they’re doing, that have talent, that scorched the f*cking ring with an incredible display of tag team wrestling involving no furniture, no dives, no gymnastics, no burying the referee, no fighting in the crowd, and no on-camera blade jobs, how does that not get five stars.”

FTR and Bullet Club Gold will get another chance to have a five-star match on the July 15th edition of Collision. But its more likely both teams will be more focused on the AEW Tag Team Championship that will be on the line in the two-out-of-three falls match.

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