Dave Meltzer Critical Of Tony Khan’s Latest Anti-WWE Rants

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan went on NFL Network to take shots at WWE, which has led to criticism from Dave Meltzer.

All Elite Wrestling has existed for over five years and in that time, Tony Khan hasn’t been beaten up by the wrestlers he pays to work for him. However, that changed on AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville when Jack Perry punched Tony with a microphone to the gut. That was followed by The Young Bucks (at the request of Kazuchika Okada) hitting Khan with a TK Driver, which is a spiked piledriver.

One day after Dynamite, Tony Khan was doing his other job with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, who are owned by his father Shad Khan. The Jaguars were part of the three-day NFL Draft, so when the front office of the team was shown, Tony Khan appeared with a neckbrace to sell the piledriver attack from Dynamite.

On Friday, Tony Khan went on NFL Network where he blasted WWE and even mentioned former movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who is in jail for a long time due to sexual transgressions.

“AEW, we’ve been doing this for five years, we are the most successful sports start up since the AFL, pre-merger. There has not been a challenger brand that has gained as much market share as AEW in many many years. We are like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. We’re up against an evil juggernaut. WWE is our competitor, that’s who we’re facing.”

“AEW, like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling. I’m really proud of what we do down here.”

When Khan said the Weinstein line, it was clear the hosts were uncomfortable and wanted to move on.

Tony Khan Going After WWE On NFL Network Is Not Good Engagement

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has been criticized by some wrestling fans for showing bias towards AEW and perhaps rating their matches too highly. However, when it comes to what Khan said on NFL Network, Meltzer wrote in his Daily Update about Khan’s comments while saying that he didn’t think it was good “engagement” for AEW’s Owner, CEO & General Manager.

“The big story was the Tony Khan appearance on the NFL Network promoting AEW, where he called WWE a really evil juggernaut and the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling.”

“Right now I wish he wouldn’t go in that direction. I wish WWE wouldn’t either. But neither is going to happen. I know Khan believes this engagement is good, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

“He could get away with calling Vince “Weinstein” but calling the full company that is an issue that will cause a ton of blowback. The hosts on the show weren’t expecting it and were not comfortable with it. It’s too bad they didn’t use some of the talent in some form as NFL teams have used WWE talent in the draft public selections.”

For fans wanting a health update on Khan after taking the TK Driver on Dynamite, tune into AEW Collision on April 27th to find out how the boss is doing.