Date For Ex-WWE Tag Team Champions Return Confirmed

WWE logo over AOP

Two former tag team champions in WWE are set to return to the company and now the date for that comeback has been confirmed.

On SmackDown in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a vignette aired of Kross discussing his dealings with other WWE stars such as Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Shinsuke Nakamura and how they have changed since facing off with the mysterious star.

Kross then noted that history cannot be recorded without scribes, or without authors, as it seems he and Scarlett are about to be joined by a returning tag team.

Date For Authors Of Pain’s WWE Return Confirmed

The vignette showed the shadows of two large figures with one smaller figure in the centre. This looked very much like former Raw Tag Team Champions Akam and Rezar – Authors of Pain – and their manager in NXT Paul Ellering.

Now PWInsider has reported that the Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering will be returning to WWE on the January 5th SmackDown in Vancouver, British Columbia. AOP’s Akam is from BC but it remains to be seen if he’ll get a hero’s welcome should he ally with the villainous Kross.

AOP’s former ally Seth Rollins recently confronted CM Punk on WWE Raw as they look set for their own showdown in the near future.