Darby Allin Revolution Leap Condemned By Ex-WWE Star

Darby Allin Dives Through Glass AEW Revolution

Former WWE broadcaster Jonathan Coachman has hit out at AEW following Darby Allin’s death-defying leap through glass at Revolution.

Darby Allin teamed up one final time with Sting as The Icon brought the curtain down on his career. However, that wasn’t before Darby Allin did something insane as he leaped from a ladder but instead of landing on a Young Buck, his only landing was through plate glass propped up on some chairs. Some oohed, some aahed, some looked away in horror, but for one ex-WWE commentator, it was just all too much.

Darby Allin’s Leap Blasted By Ex-WWE Personality

Taking to social media, former WWE commentator Jonathan Coachman took issue with the spot, claiming no one in WWE – bar Mick Foley – has done anything as reckless:

Ok AEW army come after me. This is bananas and SO unnecessary. Can someone please teach the writers and Tony Khan that if you tell a good story you don’t have to do that crap and damn near kill yourself. Other than Mick Foley find any videos of a top star from WWE doing anything this reckless.

I am all about getting talked about after a show but my god. If he hits one of those chairs he could have paralyzed himself and broken his back. Tell a story and make the fans care. Then this won’t have to happen or even be talked about doing.

The story of the match in this case was that it was Sting’s final bout to cap off his legendary career and the fans were very invested when they saw him tap out Matt Jackson to win the bout and retain the AEW Tag Team Championship.

The Young Bucks’ star might find some solace in Coachman’s comments as Matt Jackson recently noted he “bathes in the tears” of former wrestling personalities.

While the former TNT Champion’s leap was no doubt dangerous and left his back in a complete mess for the rest of the match, Darby Allin received a surprising amount of stitches to close his wounds.

While there is no doubt stunts in wrestling are dangerous, former WWE Champion Big E has been out of action for two years after breaking his neck taking a suplex. Meanwhile, WWE producer TJ Wilson – best known as Tyson Kidd – almost lost his life taking a Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe during a match. The same move Joe hit Hangman Adam Page with at Revolution without incident.