Daniel Cormier Will Be At WrestleMania For ESPN, Jokingly Warns Brock Lesnar

daniel cormier wwe referee

Daniel Cormier has confirmed that he’ll be at WrestleMania 39 on behalf of ESPN while also issuing a bit of a warning to Brock Lesnar…with a laugh.

Many people consider Cormier to be one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. During his days as a mixed martial artist (MMA), Cormier was a former UFC Heavyweight Champion with one defense, a one-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion with three defenses and a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

Cormier retired from fighting in 2020 and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2022. Since retiring as a fighter, Cormier has worked as an announcer/podcaster for ESPN.

Fans of WWE know Cormier from when he was the referee of the Extreme Rules PLE last October when Matt Riddle beat Seth “Freakin” Rollins in a Fight Pit Match.

Prior to his first on-screen appearance in WWE as part of Extreme Rules, Cormier openly talked about how he is a lifelong wrestling fan. Daniel Cormier even had a tryout with WWE at one point to be an announcer.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Daniel Cormier confirmed he’s going to WrestleMania.

“I’m going to WrestleMania. The first week of April for ESPN, I’ll be leading the coverage for WrestleMania. I’m so excited about it.”

“So I’ll be at WrestleMania, just in a different capacity, and we’ll see what the future holds down the line.”

Daniel Cormier also had a funny remark relating to former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. The story noted that Cormier said this with a laugh.

“If Brock steps in my way? I’ll smack him upside his head.”

There is some history between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar because in July 2018 after Cormier won a fight, Lesnar showed up and shoved Cormier in the cage. Lesnar was the WWE Universal Champion at the time. A fight never happened between Lesnar and Cormier, but their moment in the cage did get a lot of people talking.