Daniel Cormier Recalls Feeling Nervous At WWE Extreme Rules

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Daniel Cormier has shed some light on what it was like to be a WWE referee for a night while admitting that he was very nervous.

As a UFC Hall of Famer that held the UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Championships simultaneously, you might not think that he could get nervous in front of a big crowd that was assembled at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on October 8th. However, the MMA legend admitted that he was very nervous during his WWE debut as a referee.

Matt Riddle defeated Seth Rollins in the Fight Pit Match that was the main event of Extreme Rules with Cormier as the referee. During the match, there was a spot where Riddle accidentally elbows Cormier, who warned Riddle after and Cormier also admonished Rollins shortly after that as well.

During the DC & RC ESPN Youtube show that Cormier hosts with former NFL player Ryan Clark, Cormier spoke about what he felt as the referee of the Fight Pit Match.

“I was in the back and I was nervous, because obviously you know the outcome, I started forgetting the match, I was like oh my goodness. I forgot the [ending], I was so nervous bro, but once I walked out there bro, it was so fun!”

“The energy of the crowd, is like second to none… Then I got fans heckling me, they calling me Carl Winslow in there, they messing with me, they said DC, climb up the cage. I’m standing on the bottom saying I’m not going up there with these dudes, they’re up there actually wrestling on that little ledge bro, I was like this is crazy.”

In another interview on the day of Extreme Rules, Cormier admitted that he hadn’t thought about doing more in WWE at this point.

It is currently unknown when or if Cormier will work for WWE again although as a fan of the business, it’s certainly possible he could appear again some day in the future.