Damian Priest Given New Briefcase On WWE Raw

Damian Priest Money In The Bank

Damian Priest has new hardware after WWE Raw.

Damian Priest is having the year of his career as part of The Judgment Day. Priest had a show-stealing match with Bad Bunny in Puerto Rico at Backlash and despite losing that bout, things have been on the rise for Priest ever since.

At Money In The Bank in July, Priest won the Money In The Bank briefcase to guarantee himself a title match anywhere, anytime. Something that has caused some unrest in The Judgment Day of late. However, Priest seemed to be back in sync with the group at Payback when a combined effort of the group helped Priest and Finn Balor capture the WWE Tag Team Championship from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

JD McDonagh surprises Damian Priest on Raw

On Raw in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Judgment Day was in a celebratory mood and Finn Balor was sure to mention his old friend JD McDonagh in his thank yous. The presence of McDonagh around the group has unsettled The Judgment Day but it looks like McDonagh might be on the verge of winning over his biggest doubter.

McDonagh appeared in the ring with the group on Raw and told Damian Priest that his briefcase had to go. With Priest on the verge of doing something regrettable, McDonagh then explained he needed to let his current briefcase go because he had a new one for him.

The new briefcase is emblazoned with “Señor Money In The Bank” and is in The Judgment Day’s trademark purple.

Given that the Money In The Bank contract is kept inside the briefcase, let’s hope Priest remembers to switch the paperwork over before discarding the green briefcase for good.