D-Von Dudley Recalls The Dudleys First 3D – “We Nearly Killed Him!”

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D-Von Dudley has recalled the first time the Dudleys did the 3D when they almost killed “brother” Spike in ECW.

The Dudley Boyz duo of “brothers” Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley dominated tag team wrestling from the time they started teaming in ECW In the mid-1990s to a very successful run in WWE through the 2000s. They also went on to have successful runs in TNA Wrestling and Japan among other places.

They would also go on to have success in other promotions and become one of the most decorated tag teams of all time. They have won 23 Tag Team Titles in all of the various promotions they wrestled in while also being inducted into the WWE and TNA/Impact Hall of Fame.

While The Dudley Boyz were known for their desire to break tables, they also had one of the best tag team finishers ever. It is called the Dudley Death Drop aka the 3D, which sees D-Von lift the opponent in the air and Bubba drops them with a Bubba Cutter.

The 3D has been used by the legendary WWE tag team The Usos as well and they call it the 1D (1 And Done) with The Dudley Boyz giving The Usos their blessing to use the move.

D-Von Dudley Says The First 3D Nearly Broke Spike Dudley’s Neck!

During an interview with the Attitude Era podcast, D-Von Dudley talked about the first time Bubba & D-Von did the 3D on their “brother” Spike Dudley at the Crossing the Line Again in February 1997.

“We were in the ECW dojo, and Bubba said ‘Now that we’re a team, we need a finishing maneuver.’ Dallas Diamond Page was doing the cutter. And Bubba said, ‘You know what, this is a great idea. Why don’t we think about how do we make that a move where maybe you lift them and I’ll bring them [down] with the Bubba cutter.”

“So I remember we tried it the first time and the guy we tried it on at the dojo in ECW, almost killed him. So we realized that you have to…once I pick you up, you have to stay straight. You have to stay tall, put your head up as I’m coming backwards down with you, you still have to be in that position, and Bubba will guide you down.”

“If you watch the first one we ever did the night Bubba turned in the ECW Arena, we hit it on Spike and we nearly to killed him. Because we forgot to tell him don’t bend down, he bent down. He almost broke his neck.”

The video of that 3D on Spike Dudley is below. Ouch.

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