Current Champion In WWE Supports Cody Rhodes, #WeWantCody Trends

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has the support of at least one current champion in WWE.

The big news coming out of WWE Smackdown in Birmingham was the ending of the show. It appeared that Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes was going to challenge Roman Reigns for a match at WrestleMania 40, but it didn’t end up that way.

Instead of Cody challenging Roman for the second year in a row, Cody made it clear that while he wants the championship held by Reigns, he isn’t going to challenge Reigns at WrestleMania this year.

That led to WWE legend The Rock making a surprise appearance. The Rock hugged Cody, who then left and Rock had a staredown with Reigns to end the show. While it was never officially announced, the assumption is that The Rock is now scheduled to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

Since the announcement, there have been news stories about how The Rock used his power as a member of the TKO-WWE Board of Directors to have a match at WrestleMania 40 with Roman Reigns.

Due to WWE going with Reigns-Rock instead of Reigns-Rhodes at WrestleMania 40 for now, fans reacted harshly by making a Reigns/Rock video the most disliked in WWE YouTube history.

In addition to that, the phrase #WeWantCody was a top trending topic in the US and other countries on X/Twitter all day on Saturday after Smackdown.

Logan Paul Shows His Support To Cody Rhodes

The current WWE United States Champion is Logan Paul, who has yet to face Cody in a singles match in WWE, but the two men were in the same Royal Rumble match in 2023. Logan has also done a lengthy interview with Cody on his podcast as well.

On X/Twitter, Logan Paul tweeted the simple phrase that was trending all day: “We Want Cody.”

Up next for WWE’s main roster is Monday Night Raw on February 5th and then on Thursday, February 8th there’s a WrestleMania 40 press conference in Las Vegas.

Whether WWE sticks to the plan of Rock-Reigns or pivots to something else is unknown, but clearly, a lot of people want to see Cody Rhodes finish his story at WrestleMania 40.