Could The Rock Compete For WWE In Saudi Arabia?

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Is a WWE match in Saudi Arabia in the future of The Rock?

The wrestling landscape in WWE changed in 2018 when the company signed a ten-year deal with the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia to produce huge events in the Middle Eastern Kingdom. The shows have seen the likes of Triple H, Goldberg, The Undertaker, and Kane all compete while Shawn Michaels came out of retirement to wrestle in the country in 2018.

However, critics have dubbed the deal as “sportswashing” and accused the Saudi Arabian government of using sports and entertainment to present an idealistic version of the country to the world amid allegations of human rights abuses.

Some WWE stars had previously decided against appearing on the shows including John Cena. Cena had wrestled on the first of these major events in 2018 but was one big name who never returned. Cena is now being advertised for Crown Jewel in November 2023 so attitudes could be shifting.

Will The Rock wrestle in Saudi Arabia?

Dave Meltzer was asked on Wrestling Observer Radio if The Rock could end up competing in a WWE ring on one of the mega Saudi Arabia shows and says that decision will be ultimately down to him:

“That’s up to him. I don’t know the answer to that one. I mean Cena is doing it, you know, when he didn’t before so you know, obviously Cena believes that the stigma of doing it in Hollywood is gone. So The Rock, I mean, he used to be friends with the Prince so I don’t know.

“I don’t see him doing anything but WrestleMania though. I mean, I just don’t. I mean, he could do it you know, with the, you know, with the strike and everything with one strike ending you know, I think that maybe his odds of going back and not having the time would be increasing as well.”

Suggestions of The Rock competing at WrestleMania 40 have reignited following his surprise appearance on SmackDown in Denver. However, with the writers’ strike in Hollywood coming to an end, it remains to be seen if he’ll find the time to have one or even two more matches in a WWE ring somewhere down the road.

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