Corey Graves Says WWE Star Could Be A “Main Event Player”

Corey Graves

Corey Graves believes one rising WWE star “can do it all.”

On the August 7th episode of Monday Night Raw, Ludwig Kaiser approached Maxxine Dupri inside her locker room, saying he wanted to congratulate Chad Gable on defeating GUNTHER earlier in the night before saying the Ring General would love to wipe the ring with Gable again.

Kaiser compared himself to Gable and Otis, saying he was the epitome of European elegance before calling Otis a “big disgusting freak,” which led Maxxine to slap him across the face. Otis himself then made an appearance, challenging Kaiser to a match later in the show. Kaiser was able to defeat the Alpha Academy’s big man with the help of GUNTHER.

“That Dude Can Do It All” – Corey Graves On Ludwig Kaiser

One man who was impressed with Kaiser’s performance on the show was WWE commentator Corey Graves, who made the bold claim that the Imperium member could one day find himself in the main event scene.

“Ludwig Kaiser has been a piece of the Imperium machine, he’s been the perfect set dressing on the main event that is Gunther, but after seeing what I saw on Monday, I’m going to make a bold prediction right here, right now, Ludwig Kaiser, sooner rather than later, should be a main event player in WWE.

“I’m not expecting it to happen overnight, I’m not expecting him to be the one to knock off Gunther or anything of the sort, but he was so captivating, entertaining, eloquent, and all these other adjectives. Watching him interact with Maxxine, Ludwig Kaiser felt like a full-blown movie villain, Jeremy Irons in Die Hard, that foreign, handsome, eloquent, never yells, is cool and calm and collected, he’s getting under your skin and his facial expressions are so dead on.

“I was sitting on the couch with my wife [Carmella] and I said, ‘This guy is amazing.’ I expect big things out of Ludwig Kaiser in the not too distant future because that dude can do it all.”

h/t Fightful