Corey Graves Teases Potential Tag Match With Wife Carmella

Carmella Corey Graves wwe

Corey Graves may be coming back into the ring after over eight years of retirement.

Corey Graves has been a commentator for WWE for several years now, but that wasn’t always his original goal. Like most people that come to WWE, he came in with the goal of being a pro wrestler. He was one, for a while, until a series of concussions restricted him from in-ring competition.

However, WWE didn’t release him or relegate him to something insignificant; instead, he became a commentator, and has been in that role since late 2014.

When not at the commentary table, Corey Graves has done other work backstage as well. And by taking on so many different responsibilities, he told in an exclusive interview that he feels the pull back to the ring. And if it continues, he may see himself sharing the ring with his wife Carmella.

“I’ve recently started working with the NXT talent on helping develop characters and things of that nature, and I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. So I’m really looking forward to working with NXT a lot more as the year progresses.

I’d like to remind everybody one more time that I have been cleared to compete and I can’t think of a better scenario for me to step back in the ring than alongside my beautiful wife.”

Corey Graves also used this interview to discuss how special it felt to be doing commentary for WWE on the 30th anniversary of RAW.

“I actually took a few minutes in the afternoon at Raw 30. I was chatting with the Street Prophets about how sort of overwhelming it was when able to step back and realize, to your point, I remember watching the first episode of Monday Night Raw.

I was obsessed with it such that I decided to follow it as a dream and make it my career in some capacity. Here we are 30 years down the line, and I am one of the voices of Monday Night Raw in a chair that many of my heroes have sat before.

It’s something that’s easy to get lost in. You forget the magnitude of that moment, but I was sure to take a few minutes to sort of appreciate just the journey to get to that point.”

Corey Graves will be on commentary this Saturday at WWE Elimination Chamber in Montreal while wife Carmella will be in the ring in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.