Controversial Ex-WWE Champion Apologizes To Triple H

WWE Triple H

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has revealed he has apologized to Triple H after previously being very critical of the star.

Alberto Del Rio has enjoyed two runs in WWE with the first bringing him title success in the form of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. However, since leaving the company his name has become associated with legal issues and controversy which means he is unlikely to ever return to the company.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge Alberto Del Rio revealed that he has apologized to WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H about some very negative things he previously said about him but it had nothing to do with wanting a job back with WWE:

“I have done it publicly. There’s some irrational people saying, ‘Oh, you do it because you need a job.’ No, I have always had a job, a different kind of job, not in the wrestling business until now that AAA, thank you AAA for giving me the opportunity, but I have always had a job. I just did it (apologized) because I was wrong and I should have never crossed the line with Triple H.

“There was a reason why he was not using me, but back then I was stupid and I thought it was just because he didn’t like me and not because at the time they needed to push new stars and they need to give the opportunity to other wrestlers and Mexico was not the market that it used to be, and that’s why. I was still being the good, great wrestler, the good performer, and they were always paying me credit for it. They were always giving me the credit I deserve.

“It was just me not knowing that part about the business until I became a promoter. Once I became a promoter, I understood. Right away I understood why they weren’t using me the way that they were using me at first, and I apologized.”

Triple H has been busy in recent weeks on WWE television as he introduced the new World Heavyweight Championship into the company with the inaugural winner of that title being decided at Night of Champions on May 27th.

h/t Sportskeeda