Confusion Over Kevin Kelly’s AEW Status

Kevin Kelly

Has Kevin Kelly been fired by AEW?

On March 8th, it was reported that AEW had fired Kevin Kelly. His profile was also removed from the company roster, while Nigel McGuinness and Tony Schiavone called the action on the March 9th edition of Collision.

Kelly was reportedly let go following a series of outbursts on social media, with at least one aimed at fellow announcer Ian Riccaboni. There was also a belief that Tony Khan felt his performances were “sub-par.”

However, writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed there’s been no confirmation that Kelly has been fired. Sources added they have “no knowledge of the situation.” Although interestingly, there is an “expectation of future discussion” between Kelly and AEW.

Regarding the Kevin Kelly disappearance, it still has not been confirmed by anyone within the company as a firing. Pro Wrestling Torch reported it as such. Sources within the company have said they have no knowledge of exactly what the situation is past one person who believed the report was accurate but others have said things are not clear and Tony Khan has said nothing directly one way or the other but obviously Kelly isn’t there. Another person close to the situation just said “it was an internal matter” and said nothing more.

It is known the original Riccaboni comments were addressed when they were made months ago but nobody will talk more about it in depth due to the potential and threat of it becoming a legal situation. Because of it being a potential legal situation, all involved directly didn’t want to comment.

Kelly was removed from the roster page and wasn’t at television this past week for Collision, but we’re told there is an expectation of future discussion between Kelly and the promotion.

Tony Khan Questioned Over Kevin Kelly

Ahead of AEW Dynamite Big Business, Tony Khan was asked about Kevin Kelly’s apparent departure from the promotion. The AEW boss said that although he appreciated the question he didn’t want to comment.

Kelly began his career in wrestling back in 1991 and joined the WWF in 1996. The announcer remained with the company until 2003 before going on to appear for MLW and ROH.