Colt Cabana Reveals Who Was Behind Surprise Dynamite Appearance

Colt Cabana headlocks Chris Jericho

AEW star Colt Cabana has revealed who he was told was behind his surprise return to the company and it wasn’t company boss Tony Khan.

Current Ring of Honor World Champion Chris Jericho has been on a reign of terror, aiming his anger at everyone associated with ROH. That led to Jericho issuing open challenges to former AEW champions to face him for his title and former ROH Tag Team Champion Colt Cabana was one of the stars who answered, battling Jericho on the 2nd of November edition of Dynamite.

That in itself is not particularly newsworthy, but it happened to be Cabana’s first match on Dynamite in close to a year given that his AEW appearances drastically reduced following the debut of his former friend CM Punk in the company in August 2021.

The idea that Punk was behind Cabana’s hiatus from the company was one of the things the former AEW World Champion took issue with during his post-All Out media scrum meltdown. Tony Khan commented on the subject, seemingly backing up CM Punk but this is reported to have been met with “skepticism” in the AEW locker room.

Speaking on The Work of Wrestling podcast, Colt Cabana was asked about his current status in AEW and reiterated that as far as he is concerned he is still very much a part of the company:

“I have a contract with AEW, I get paid regardless, my contract is with AEW. I’ve been told that I’m going to be used for Ring of Honor. That’s kind of it. There hasn’t been a lot of contact, but I do know that I collect a check and it comes from All Elite Wrestling.”

As far as his Dynamite with Jericho goes, Cabana says he was told he was requested by The Ocho himself:

“I never talked to Tony until I was in Gorilla (position), so it wasn’t a call from Tony Khan. The travel called me up and said, ‘You’re needed for Baltimore, Maryland.’ I assumed it was to wrestle Chris Jericho.”

“I think the travel told me, ‘Chris Jericho is requesting your presence in Baltimore.’ So, I wrestled Chris. I’m under contract, they tell me to show up, I showed up. They tell me who I’m wrestling, I wrestle. If they want me to wrestle again, I’ll wrestle again. if they want me to agent again, I’ll agent again, whatever.”

Colt Cabana’s re-emergence in AEW was reportedly not well received by CM Punk’s camp. Chris Jericho allegedly branded CM Punk a “cancer” following the backstage fight at All Out.

h/t Fightful