Cody Rhodes On What He Appreciates About WWE

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has opened up about what he really appreciates when it comes to being a part of the WWE machine.

Following his recent rivalry with Brock Lesnar which saw Cody Rhodes pick up the deciding victory at SummerSlam, the “American Nightmare” is on a roll in WWE.

When it comes to crowd reactions, Cody Rhodes is as popular as ever. There are many merchandise items available at WWE events and on the company’s website while Cody is always filmed signing his American Nightmare belt prior to shows.

This past Monday on Raw, Cody teamed up with Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens to beat The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor, Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio in the main event.

Cody Rhodes was a guest on WWE’s After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick this week where he talked about what he appreciates about WWE. Cody specifically mentioned WWE CEO Nick Khan making things comfortable for him.

“The things that I appreciate from WWE, it’s almost like we’re tailor-made for one another in the sense that I am a bit of a control freak. I want to really have a say in what my merch will look like. I also want to see how well that’s doing in every single market. Not just a general conversation once a week, but every single market. Not unlike what I watched [John] Cena do. ”

“WWE, that’s a big thing I appreciate, is how accommodating they are. In terms of you hear ‘It’s a big machine.’ And it is an unbelievably well-oiled machine. I feel like there’s Vince, and there’s Hunter and there’s plenty of top brass. But I’ll tell you a guy who it feels like he gave me the keys to the kingdom was Nick Khan.

“I feel like Nick Khan really gave me the keys to the kingdom when I signed. Because ever since then, every department, everybody, I have such an appreciation. Because they aren’t nine-to-fivers. They live it. They breathe it.”

“This is a passion industry. This is a passion job. Nine-to-five doesn’t work for me. I’m texting people at 11 PM still… I have such an appreciation for the machine, how accommodating the machine has been for me. “

Cody Rhodes Misses Having An Office

While remarking about his past as an AEW Executive Vice President, Cody admits that he misses having an office at shows.

“If I missed anything from my time away, and that was such a fun time, gosh it was such a fun time. I think the only thing I missed and I have said this before is that I had an office in every building. I had an office, and in that office was some of the most fun. No business was being done. Maybe 5% business and it was probably Brandi doing the business. The other 95% was me and my buddies.”

As for what’s next, Cody isn’t booked for a match at Payback right now for that show on September 2nd, but will hopefully be a part of the event in some way.

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