Cody Rhodes Calls On Veterans To Have An Open Mind

Cody Rhodes Triple H WWE Draft

Cody Rhodes believes veterans can learn from younger talent.

It’s often said that the main conflict in wrestling locker rooms comes from veterans and young stars clashing over what they believe “the business” should look like. While younger stars remain determined to push the boundaries and take wrestling into new creative avenues, veterans stereotypically feel their particular era was where the industry peaked. And as such, this is how they think wrestling should always look.

Appearing on the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast, Rhodes called on veterans not to make this often-repeated mistake. Instead, the Undisputed WWE Champion called on older stars to remain open-minded while tipping his hat to Triple H.

“Have an open mind. A lot of the luminaries, legends, old-timers, veterans, when they mix with this modern locker room, the mistake is made of saying: ‘This is the only way it’s meant to be done. These are the rules. They’re rigid, they’re firm.’ …

That type of motivation doesn’t work. That type of ‘Hey I did it all and I was at the top of my game so you have to listen to everything I’m saying.’ I’ve noticed talent today, especially younger talent, are more independent-minded than they’re ever been. They’re more strong-minded about what they can do. If you’re one of these guys coming in, having an open mind is the greatest thing ever. Triple H is the prime example.”

Cody Rhodes Names Wrestling Red Flag

During the same appearance, Cody Rhodes named his pro-wrestling red flag. The American Nightmare dismissed the line from some veterans who come into the locker room and declare they only want to work with and elevate young talent. Rhodes said that realistically the stars in question still want to take the top spot, and that means jumping over the people they claim they want to help.

Just hours later, several AEW stars including Chris Jericho referenced the comments on Dynamite.

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