AEW Stars Line Up To Take Shots At Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes WWE

It seems several AEW stars were listening to Cody Rhodes’ recent comments about one particular red flag in the wrestling business.

In a recent episode of Behind The Turnbuckle with Jonathan Coachman, Rhodes made a surprise appearance to chat with Diamond Dallas Page. During the conversation, he explained his biggest red flag in wrestling.

The number one red flag I hear. If you meet a guy who is a legend who is coming in on the roster and he’s going to be active, or a part-time guy, the number one red flag if you’re young or in the middle of the pack (as a) talent is when you hear somebody say, ‘I’m just here for the young guys.’

I already know. You’re not just here for the young guys. I would rather you tell me straight up, ‘I’m here for some of ya’ll, and I’m here for myself.’ This a selfish, competitive business. I like the most transparent people. ‘Here’s what I’d like to do, let’s do it.’

Whenever I hear, ‘I’m here for the young guys,’ which is not often and not anytime soon I’ve heard it. In my mind, instantly, I’m like, ‘That’s the biggest red flag ever.’ I’d rather him tell them he’s just here for himself.

Chris Jericho Leads AEW Stars In Cody Rhodes Response

On AEW Dynamite in Buffalo, The Learning Tree Chris Jericho told everyone he was in AEW to help the young guys, seemingly referencing Rhodes’ comments. But he was not alone.

Matt Sydal took to social media writing “I’m here to help the young guys” in response to a post about him defeating 23-year-old Dante Martin three years ago on Dynamite.

Turbo Floyd of The Outrunners took things in a different direction with his own reaction to Cody Rhodes’ thoughts as he noted:

I’m just here to help the older guys

Cody Rhodes also recently revealed he can’t understand why international fans love him so much as he thinks a lot of his identity is wrapped up in being American.