Cody Rhodes Names Two Greatest Moments Of His Career

cody rhodes wrestlemania 39

When it comes to the greatest moments of his career, Cody Rhodes named something he did in WWE as well as something from elsewhere.

It’s been a terrific 2023 for Cody Rhodes a top star in WWE. Prior to returning to WWE in 2022, the place he called home for the first ten years of his career, Cody was a huge success on the independent wrestling scene and also formed All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

Trying to pick just one or two great moments likely isn’t easy for a guy like Cody Rhodes, but when he was asked about it he did have two moments that really stood out above the rest.

Earlier this year, Cody Rhodes won the 2023 Royal Rumble. That led to the main event of WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. While a lot of people wanted Cody to win and thought he might win, Cody failed in part due to the help that Reigns had in the match.

Cody Rhodes chose his two greatest moments in pro wrestling

During an interview on The Dale Jr. Download with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cody was asked about those standout moments from his pro wrestling career. That led to Cody mentioning WrestleMania 39 as one, but also mentioning the All In show that he produced along with The Young Bucks in September 2018.

“To me, WrestleMania [39] is the greatest moment of my career, but in the back of my mind, I think a strong number two was that day the tickets went on sale for All In. We’re bringing all different companies together, we’re breaking all the rules. We’re literally going all in. Well, we did have help from a company, again, Ring of Honor was the company that helped produce it. But people think Ring of Honor footed the whole bill for it or we footed the whole bill. The truth is somewhere in the middle.”

“We literally did have to go all in. We were going all in on our name alone in a sense, like, ‘Yep, We had to get over 10,000 people.’ The man who commented on social that we couldn’t put 10,000 people in arena, and I –all pre-workout up’d at the gym– tweeted back at him, ‘I’ll take that bet.’ Now we’re stuck. We can’t sell 5000 tickets. We have to sell 10,000 tickets. So we did everything we possibly could. We broke every rule.”

“It was like Woodstock for wrestling.”

As for what’s next, Cody Rhodes returns to WWE Monday Night Raw on September 11th after not being on the show this past week. Cody did appear in front of the live fans after Raw ended and he also granted a wish for a Make-A-Wish kid, but he wasn’t on television this past week.

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