Cody Rhodes Reveals His Rigorous Injury Rehab Process

cody rhodes wwe royal rumble win

Cody Rhodes has revealed a lot of details of what the rehab process was like for his WWE comeback that led to his spectacular win at the Royal Rumble.

The 2023 Royal Rumble was won by Cody Rhodes, who entered the match in the #30 spot and went on to defeat GUNTHER to win the match. The win by Cody means he is going to main event WrestleMania 39 as the challenger for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship held by Roman Reigns assuming Roman is still the champion.

It was Cody’s first match in WWE since June 2022 when he wrestled with a torn pectoral muscle that he suffered while training for a Hell in a Cell match against Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Cody heroically made it through the match okay while putting on an incredible performance that led to his victory. Days later, he had surgery to rehab the torn pectoral muscle that meant over seven months on the shelf.

During a recent episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Cody Rhodes spoke about a lot of things including his comeback from injury. When it came to rehabbing the torn pectoral injury that required surgery and a lengthy layoff, Cody talked about giving his all during the rehab process.

“I had that moment with my wife, Brandi, where she didn’t tell me in a mean way, but she let me know that if I got back, and I hadn’t done everything right, I would be upset. I would be incomplete if I hadn’t done everything right. So she loaned me her trainer, who I can’t pronounce his last name. Brad is his name. He’s amazing. He works in Atlanta. Brad and I started training and then Brad hooked me up with his dietitian. His dietitian mainly does bodybuilding, that being Jeff.”

“One of the noticeable things I was glad people noticed that my suit pants don’t fit anymore. A week before the Rumble, I slipped under 10% body fat for the first time in my career and I had come down from 240 as I had bulked up to 240. Yeah, daddy was eating first. I balked up to 240 and then I got under 10% a week before the Rumble and I was under 9.6% the day of the Rumble, but feeling healthy, still feeling good and happy to have done everything with Brian, with Jeff, and with Brad.”

“That team that Brandi loaned me and essentially pushed me towards, I’ll keep forever. I keep adding people to the Nightmare Family. We keep printing jackets. I keep adding people because your career becomes so big and special that you can’t call it your own anymore and I don’t want to call it my own. I have the greatest support group around me and I got to include DDP in that of course because he’s the pinnacle of health. He could be 150 years old and I wouldn’t know.”

H/T WrestlingInc