Cody Rhodes Says No One Should Be “Looking Down” On New WWE World Title

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes will be spending his Monday nights on Raw following the WWE Draft and as such could be a contender for the all new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

That subject has been the cause of much debate in recent days with many feeling that if Rhodes did capture the new belt, it would merely be a consolation prize after losing to Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 39. However, The American Nightmare doesn’t quite see things that way.

Speaking to Comic Book Nation, Cody Rhodes addressed the new championship and says nobody should be looking down on the title:

“That’s the title that represents Raw. That’s the title that main events Raw. That’s the title that is the franchise title for the USA Network. So I can’t say I don’t want it. I can’t say that that’s not something that would be, if you look and revise your goals and say, okay, this is the route we have to go, especially particularly with me being drafted to Monday Night Raw.

“And that might be more of a case of like I just said, a story, a different story. The goal is still the same for me, but by no means am I or should anyone be looking down on the new World Championship because it’s one of those things I think in time, people will hopefully come to love and revere. It’s being positioned as the lead title for the brand itself and it’ll take a lead individual to do it and handle it. And Raw has a stacked, stacked roster so I definitely wanna throw myself in the mix.”

The new champion will be crowned at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia on May 27th and Raw stars such as Seth Rollins, Matt Riddle, Drew McIntyre, and possibly a free agent or two will no doubt also have their sights set on the new belt.

h/t f4wonline