Cody Rhodes Facing Brand New Book Says AEW Legend

Cody Rhodes holding Undisputed WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes may have “finished his story” at WrestleMania, but a wrestling legend says Cody better be ready for a whole new book and story as the WWE Champion.

The storyline going into WrestleMania 40’s main event was about whether or not Cody Rhodes could become the WWE Champion. For the second year in a row, Cody challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Thanks to some help from John Cena, The Undertaker, Jey Uso, and Seth “Freakin” Rollins (who The Rock called WrestleMania 40’s MVP) in dealing with The Bloodline’s The Rock, Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso, Cody Rhodes was finally able to put Roman Reigns away with his Cross Rhodes finishing move three times in a row for the pinfall victory.

As the popular WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes is the unquestioned top guy in World Wrestling Entertainment right now. While the challengers will be lining up to face him, it’s certainly possible that Cody could be in for a lengthy reign as the champion.

While speaking on his My World podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW star Jeff Jarrett gave his thoughts on Cody’s big title win.

“Lot of fun, man. Wrestling, everything is a story in life. It’s just how you look at it through a prism, what lens you want to put on. The beauty of professional wrestling is the interpretation of it, and everybody truly interprets our business on different levels, at different times.”

“I’m not talking about the tribalism or the hardcore versus the casual versus the first-timer, whatever it may be. We all have a different spin and a different view of it, and what we like and dislike. But at the end of the day, it has a lot of tailwind, and I think it goes back many, many years.”

“I think pre-pandemic, there was kind of a tailwind coming in a lot of ways, and with the launch of AEW, obviously, it built up a lot of steam. But you dive into that story, and Cody’s story, when you tie it all together, what’s that start in, [the] 70s? If you truly want to say, ‘When did this story start,’ it started in the 70s.”

The story in Cody’s case was about his father Dusty Rhodes never becoming the WWE World Champion even though he was the NWA World Champion. Dusty’s career started long before Cody was born, so Jarrett could have been referencing the family’s story that saw Dusty make a name for himself in the 1970s, through the 1980s and beyond.

Cody Rhodes Is About To Work Even More

Jeff Jarrett would go on to talk about the heavy workload that comes with being the WWE Champion and what is in store for Cody Rhodes as the WWE Champion.

“Cody worked Saturday night, worked Sunday night, on the TODAY Show, and he’ll be at Raw [on Monday]. What a grind. His story, finish the story? Well, buddy, he just saddled up. He’s got a brand-new book in front of him. He thinks he’s worked in the past, he’s about to work.”

As for who Cody Rhodes will face first as the WWE Champion, we’ll find out on Smackdown this Friday. That’s because LA Knight will face AJ Styles in a match to determine who Cody will defend the WWE Title against at Backlash on May 4th.

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