Cody Rhodes Discusses Why He Likes Wearing Suits On WWE TV

Cody Rhodes

When it comes to looking stylish in the ring when not wrestling, Cody Rhodes is all about that suit life.

Ever since he came back to WWE in April 2022, Cody Rhodes has been wearing suits when doing in-ring promos. It is something he started doing in other wrestling promotions before his WWE return.

Over the last four months, Cody Rhodes remained in that suit for promos during his rivalry with Brock Lesnar.

During the WWE After The Bell podcast hosted by Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, Cody Rhodes explained that it was part of a character in the independents because he wanted to look like a guy in charge.

“When I went on the independent scene, I’d be wearing a suit. That on an independent level was very different. A lot of people hadn’t seen that and it was a gimmick I think, if I can use that word. It was a gimmick. It was part of a character more or less. It just slowly went from that to I think the next gimmick was, ‘Hey, I want to look like I’m in charge.'”

Cody Rhodes Says Wearing A Suit Is No Longer A Gimmick

As he continued, Cody spoke about how it’s no longer a gimmick because he really enjoys wearing suits.

“It was no longer a gimmick. I loved it. I loved the culture of fashion at a wrestling event. It may be my visits to New Japan, where you see Okada showing up to the building in a Ferrari [with an] immaculate suit. Sanada [wearing] immaculate tailored suit… They were trying to be on an NBA level of fashion. NFL draft level. I’ve just always loved that. It’s no longer a gimmick.”

Cody also named the late US President John F. Kennedy as an inspiration while adding that he’s a full-fledged “suit guy” now.

This Saturday at WWE Payback, Cody Rhodes could be in a suit again because he’s going to be on the Grayson Waller Effect talk show.