Cody Rhodes Has The Rizz Says WWE Legend

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has got the rizz.

Lex Luger has a lengthy association with the Rhodes family, having worked with the late, great Dusty Rhodes early in his career. Luger went on to become a two-time World Champion and a huge star in both WCW and WWE, so there are few better placed to give their thoughts on the progress of the American Nightmare.

Speaking on Lex Expressed, the legend said he hopes Rhodes gets another shot at Roman Reigns, before breaking down what makes him so special.

“I hope so. I’m not sure when it’ll happen, but I’d love to see it,

I am a huge Cody Rhodes fan. He has a sense of the history of the business from his upbringing being a multi-generational wrestler, he respects it, and the way that he carries himself. He’s just got, the modern-day term for the new generation, he’s got the rizz. He’s got it. He’s got the confidence and the charisma.

“He’s got that rizz, man,” Luger reiterated. “From his gear that he wears the time and effort that he puts into it… Cody reminds me of the certain guys who just put all that together. So, I’m a huge Cody Rhodes fan.

I was switched back and forth [from babyface to heel] in my career. Some people go, ‘Oh, man. They switched it too much,’ but I always had that confidence that it’s going to be okay, that, ‘I’m a star, I’m going to be okay,’ and I feel like no matter what they do with Cody, he’s a star and he’s going to be just fine.

If he gets the rematch, great. If he wins, he wins. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. He’s becoming one of those generational stars. He’s got that confidence in himself and I don’t think there’s going to be any stopping Cody. He’ll be a top star in the wrestling business for as long as he wants to be.”

Cody Rhodes Announces Return Of Randy Orton

With Survivor Series just around the corner, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, and Jey Uso were still without a partner for WarGames as Raw went on the air. However, the mystery has now been solved. As the show came to a climax, Rhodes confirmed that Randy Orton would be back in action at Survivor Series.

The match will be Orton’s first since May 2022.

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