Cody Rhodes Reacts To Beating Brock Lesnar At WWE SummerSlam

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Following a big victory over a tough challenger like Brock Lesnar, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes is reflecting and looking ahead.

It appears as though the rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar has ended following what happened at SummerSlam in Detroit.

Brock Lesnar dominated much of the match with a barrage of suplexes, an F5 on the floor and through a table, but Cody Rhodes wouldn’t quit. He kept on coming back for more.

The match would end after Cody countered a Lesnar slam attempt, which led to Cody hitting his Cross Rhodes finishing move on Lesnar three times to pick up the win after about 18 minutes.

Post match, Brock Lesnar shook Cody’s hand, he hugged Cody and raised Cody’s hand in front of an appreciative crowd that loved what they saw. Lesnar’s gesture was apparently not planned, according to WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H, so it likely caught Cody off guard too. Despite Lesnar being a bully heel in the last four months of this rivalry with Rhodes, Brock was cheered for his gesture after the match.

During the SummerSlam press conference after the show, Cody Rhodes spoke about how he appreciated the post match moment.

“That’ll be something that I look at and have a very deep, deep appreciation. I mean the guy also hocked a loogie on me in the middle of the match. He is given more German Suplexes, more F5s, F5s through tables, absolutely eviscerated me on many levels, and somehow, someway I felt like there was maybe just this bond by battle there in that final moment and I’m very grateful for what’s happened.”

“I don’t want to wrestle Brock Lesnar again but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do it and to compete at his level because, I’ve said this last night, when he’s gone, and I don’t know when that will be, because he can go, when he’s gone, I think the world will realize what we’ve got. It’s a friggin’ unicorn. Very unique, once in a lifetime individual and to have that moment at the end, and I know it’s a longer answer than I was supposed to give, but I thought a lot about Brock looking at him tonight, and it reminded me of how my Dad looked at Harley Race.”

Cody Rhodes Is Focused On “Finishing The Story”

As WWE fans know, Cody Rhodes often talks about “finishing the story” as a reference to becoming WWE Champion some day. Cody spoke about that journey as well.

“We were talking about finishing the story. Now the thing I’ve been saying to myself, saying out loud, saying while I’m laying there on the mat, is get back, I wanna get back to the situation that I was in, to the same scenario I was in, and fix that outcome.”

“I’m not going to say specifically what that is, but I think we can all read between the lines. And the journey to get there is dang near next to impossible. It really is. Including three with Brock Lesnar, but that would be what I would hope, but again, consistently surprised so you never really know.”

What Cody could be referencing is going after the WWE Title held by Roman Reigns. Since Cody is on Raw instead of Smackdown, perhaps he’ll target the newly created World Heavyweight Title held by Seth Rollins because he might not be able to challenge Reigns again unless he next year’s Royal Rumble. Keep watching WWE TV to find out what’s next for Cody.

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