Report: Cody Rhodes Could Bring American Nightmare Persona To WWE

Cody Rhodes smiling to crowd

A new report has claimed that high profile figures within WWE want Cody Rhodes to use his full AEW presentation when he joins the company.

Speculation that Cody Rhodes would be joining WWE began almost immediately after he and his wife Brandi announced their departure from AEW on February 15th.

Since then, there have been numerous claims regarding the possibility and, on March 18th, Mike Johnson of PWInsider seemingly confirmed that ‘The American Nightmare’ had indeed signed with the promotion several weeks ago.

Now, a new report from Wrestlevotes has gone further, suggesting that discussions have been happening regarding how Rhodes will be presented when he debuts with WWE. They say that two “very high profile” figures in the company were “adamant” with Vince McMahon that Rhodes be brought in with his full ‘American Nightmare’ persona, including gear, music, and pyro.

Interestingly, Cody Rhodes’ theme song, “Kingdom” by Downstait, is not actually owned by AEW, so could potentially be used by WWE.

“Two very high profile people were adamant to the boss that if (when) Cody Rhodes arrives, he should be exactly what he was in AEW. Presentation, ring gear, theme music, pyro, etc. The visual impact of the “American Nightmare” crossing the line is significant here.”

While there has still been no official confirmation that Cody Rhodes has signed with WWE, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that he will appear at WrestleMania 38 to challenge Seth Rollins, who in recent weeks has been struggling to find a way onto the card for the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.