Cody Rhodes Says 8 People Are Responsible For AEW

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Cody Rhodes was in a reflective mood on a recent press tour.

Although he’s firmly embedded back within WWE, Cody Rhodes’ biggest achievement in wrestling to date is arguably helping launch AEW. In 2019, Rhodes played an integral role in getting the company off the ground alongside Tony Khan and the Young Bucks.

After Cody Rhodes was unveiled as the cover star for WWE 2K24, he discussed his wrestling journey with Shakiel Mahjouri. During the conversation, Rhodes recalled the formation of AEW, surmising that no one really talks about the details because they don’t want to be seen to take all the credit.

“I think as I grow old, I’ll probably wax poetic and grow even fonder of the things I was able to be part of, the people I was able to team with. When we were a group, the BULLET CLUB, The Elite, the idea was change the world and we really did actually change at least our world and like you said, it’s so healthy now.

I think all of us are very careful to talk about it because nobody wants to look like they’re saying, hey, it was all me. But the reality is I can name — it’s about eight people and if one of them wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have happened, an alternative wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t have springboard me into this position I am now. None of it would have happened. It was all these factors and the biggest factor being the fans themselves.

So, I just hope people remember it. Selfishly — I joke about this with Matt (Jackson) and Nick (Jackson) all the time — selfishly, you want more people to remember it was something that we did but, I’m just happy to see an industry that I grew up watching through the good times and the bad times is now as popular as it ever was and I appreciate you saying that.”

What Is Cody Rhodes Doing At WrestleMania?

One of the biggest questions heading into WrestleMania is whether Cody Rhodes will get to “finish the story.” The latest report on the situation noted that “enthused speculation and analysis points to Rhodes winning the Rumble,” before going on to defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

However, a potential appearance by The Rock continues to add some uncertainty.

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