CM Punk’s Surprising Reaction To AEW Firing Revealed

CM Punk

CM Punk is back in WWE after his firing from AEW and it seems that the star might not have been all that sad to be leaving.

CM Punk was very publicly fired by AEW following his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In. This was far from Punk’s first issues in the company after he was caught up in a backstage fight with The Elite after he made inflammatory comments at the post-All Out media scrum.

It has since come to light that Bryan Danielson played a major role in CM Punk’s firing as he was part of the disciplinary committee that ultimately made the decision to let Punk go.

How Did CM Punk React To AEW Firing?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave an insight into what he was told about CM Punk’s own reaction to being fired by AEW:

I know that when he was fired, I know that he was not that upset when he was fired. I was told he was not looking to be fired but he was not all that upset about being fired.

Meltzer had previously suggested that CM Punk could have been trying to engineer a way out of the company as the new Saturday night Collision show that Punk was the cornerstone of struggled in the TV ratings and drawing a big live attendance.

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