CM Punk’s Lawyer Addresses Tony Khan’s Life In Danger Claims

CM Punk Tony Khan

CM Punk’s lawyer has said what he can on the star’s firing from AEW and claims made by Tony Khan that he feared for his life due to Punk’s actions at All In.

CM Punk was fired by AEW for his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In. This was not Punk’s first transgression in the company as he had previously been involved in a fight with The Elite at All Out 2022 which now can be seen as the beginning of the end of Punk’s time in the company.

Tony Khan commented on the decision to fire CM Punk at the start of the Collision show on the same day the news was broken. During his pre-recorded comments before the show aired, Khan noted that he feared for his life backstage at All In:

Today I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my professional career, today I terminated Phil Brooks, CM Punk, for cause.

This stems from a backstage incident at AEW All In last Sunday. The incident was regrettable and it endangered people backstage. That includes the production staff, the people who help put the show on every week. Innocent people who had nothing to do with it.

I’ve been going to wrestling shows for over thirty years. I’ve been producing them on this network for nearly four years. Never in all that time have I ever felt, until last Sunday, that my security, my safety, my life was in danger at a wrestling show. I don’t think the people I work with should feel that way and I had to make a very difficult choice today.

CM Punk’s Lawyer Has His Say On Tony Khan’s Comments

Now CM Punk’s lawyer Stephen P. New has appeared on Rumor & Innuendo, where he was asked about Tony Khan’s claims that he felt his life was in danger, simply noting:

He’s welcome to comment on however he felt about whatever.

With NDAs in place, it’s unlikely the story of what really happened at All In will ever be told by those involved. Jack Perry’s AEW suspension is believed to be over although the star has yet to return to television since the incident.

New was recently involved in a tense exchange with Chris Jericho after Jericho claimed he had not signed an NDA regarding the fight with The Elite at All Out 2022 despite having apparently witnessed what had happened.