CM Punk Among WWE Stars Wanted For Indie Appearance

CM Punk WWE SmackDown

CM Punk has been linked with an appearance with John Barnett’s Bloodsport.

It’s been announced that Shayna Baszler will be featured on Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport which takes place on April 4th. Given that WWE has traditionally prevented its stars from appearing at independent events, the deal has only hammered home how much the company has changed and will change, without Vince McMahon.

At the event, Shayna Baszler will take on TNA star Masha Slamovich.

Interestingly, it’s been reported that Baszler won’t be the only WWE name at the event — although no one else has been announced.

Speaking to Phil Strum on Under The Ring, Josh Barnett revealed he’s spoken with CM Punk and Malakai Black about competing at one of his events previously. He’d also love to work with Chad Gable, Bron Breakker, Charlie Dempsey, Miro, and even Goldberg.

“If given the chance to bring other guys in, of course, I’ve spoken with Malakai Black a few times about coming into Bloodsport. I’ve spoken to CM Punk. It would be great to have Chad Gable or Bron Breakker or any number of people with amateur backgrounds.

Charlie Dempsey is out there showing catch-as-catch-can. He spent the time abroad training for quite some time and I’ve worked with him over distance for some years prior, just sending videos, going over techniques, and having conversations. The kid is doing all his own work because he really wants to be the type of wrestler that you think he is, it’s important to him. I can see it.

There is a whole wealth of talent out there that could be great. Miro, from AEW, maybe someone like him would be a good fit. There is plenty of talent. At the end of the day, it’s not just what I would want or who I could get. Bill Goldberg is like family to me. Maybe he’ll want to get into Bloodsport, who knows.

Whoever it is, they have to see this ring for what it is and what we’ve created and say, ‘That’s something I’ve got to do. That’s me. I want to show myself and shine myself in a place like this.’ When you put those two things together, who knows what can happen,”

CM Punk Reveals WrestleMania Plans

Prior to getting injured at the Royal Rumble, CM Punk had been due to win the Elimination Chamber and then challenge Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Ironically, Drew McIntyre — the man who injured Punk, has taken his place.

Despite his injury, CM Punk is due to return to Raw on March 25th in his hometown of Chicago. Punk is also advertised for Raw the following week, and recently said he’ll be heading to WrestleMania.