CM Punk Taunts WWE Rival In Unique Way (PHOTO)

CM Punk

CM Punk has fired another shot at his WWE rival Drew McIntyre by making things even more personal.

One of the hottest rivalries in WWE in 2024 has been between former WWE Champions Drew McIntyre and CM Punk. What has been unique about the rivalry is that Punk has only had one match on television while McIntyre is also currently out of action for a few weeks.

At the Royal Rumble, CM Punk took a Future Shock DDT from McIntyre that saw Punk put his right arm down on the mat and in doing so, Punk suffered a torn right triceps. After the injury was announced, McIntyre took credit for it while saying that he prayed for Punk to get hurt.

The injury will keep Punk out of the ring most likely until possibly SummerSlam in August. As for McIntyre, he’s been dealing with an elbow injury that was caused partly because of Punk attacking him at WrestleMania 40 last month.

Punk and McIntyre have continued to mock each other constantly. While promoting the WWE 2K24 video game, Punk mocked McIntye and Drew responded in kind. Meanwhile, McIntyre has blasted the stupid fans of Punk while Punk has vowed to break Drew’s heart.

During a recent appearance on television, Punk also teased appearing at the June 15 WWE PLE called Clash at the Castle, which takes place in Glasgow, Scotland – the home country of Drew McIntyre.

CM Punk took to Instagram where he posted a photo on his IG story of the city of Glasgow. The image that Punk posted is St George’s Tron Church of Scotland.

Will CM Punk’s Rival Drew McIntyre Receive World Title Match At WWE Clash At The Castle?

There was a conversation between Drew McIntyre and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest on WWE Raw where the champion Priest told McIntyre he could get a title shot. No date was announced for the match.

The Wrestling Observer has since reported that McIntyre is likely going to have a World Title match against Priest at WWE Clash at the Castle in McIntyre’s home country of Scotland on June 15th. It’s possible that CM Punk is aware of the report and posted the Glasgow picture because of that. To nobody’s surprise, Punk hasn’t added more context to it.