CM Punk Promotes WWE 2K24, Drew McIntyre Responds To Insult

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CM Punk is back in a WWE video game and he celebrated by taking a shot at Drew McIntyre, who responded in kind.

For the first time in over a decade, CM Punk is a playable character in a WWE video. The five-time WWE World Champion Punk is part of downloadable content that WWE 2K24 gamers can access with a Season Pass for the ECW Punk Pack.

Along with CM Punk, gamers can download legendary WWE Hall of Famers like Terry Funk, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, and also Sandman.

Since Punk left WWE in January 2014 after eight years in the company, he wasn’t a playable character in any of the company’s video games. Now that Punk is back after his November 2023 return, fans can use him in the game all they want when they download the ECW Punk Pack.

To commemorate his return to a WWE video game, CM Punk shared a video message on Instagram where he not only promoted the game but insulted his main WWE rival Drew McIntyre also.

“Good news, everybody. CM Punk is finally available to play in WWE 2K24. It’s making waves on the internet, so you know Drew McIntyre’s watching it. I’m put in the Punk Pack, that includes myself and some hardcore legends from ECW like Sandman, The Dudleyz, and the most hardcore legend of all, Terry Funk.”

“Now Drew, if you are watching this, let’s face it, it’s on the internet, so you’re watching it. You can finally play as your favorite wrestler and human being, me. CM Punk. Hope you have a terrible day, pal.”

While the Straight Edge Superstar is out of action with a torn triceps that required surgery after the Royal Rumble, there is optimism that perhaps CM Punk could be ready fo WWE SummerSlam on August 3rd. If Punk is cleared to compete by then, that could be when he finally faces McIntyre in a highly anticipated match.

Drew McIntyre Mocks CM Punk Again

In response to CM Punk’s trash talk, Drew McIntyre responded on Twitter/X by playing a clip of Punk in the WWE 2K24 video game and after Punk was seen doing a move off the top rope, he was selling a knee injury after that.

McIntyre is known for mocking Punk’s injuries, so he wrote:

“lol he’s in the game for one day and already hurt”