CM Punk WWE Raw Absence Could Spark Upset

CM Punk takes selfie with fan

CM Punk has not been advertised to appear on WWE Raw in Albany, New York and that could lead to some upset fans.

CM Punk made his shock return to WWE at Survivor Series after almost ten years away. Punk appeared on the following Raw where he addressed the fans in Nashville and it seems like fans everywhere are clamouring to see the star once again – but this could lead to some inadvertent issues for WWE.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that since CM Punk returned to WWE the company had sold a lot of tickets for Raw in Albany, New York but it seems he won’t be at that show and that could lead to some upset from fans:

The thing is, there’s gonna be a lot of upset people because they sold almost 1,700 tickets in the last week for Albany for Raw and that’s for Punk. They never advertised him, the people just bought the tickets assuming he’d be there. That’s a lot of tickets to move in a week and that’s the reason they moved so we’ll see.

When Will CM Punk Be Back On WWE TV?

CM Punk has been advertised for SmackDown in Providence, Rhode Island but there is still a chance he appears on Raw, he does seem to be the master of surprises after all.

No word has come yet as to when CM Punk will compete in his first match back in the company but Dave Meltzer also thinks the star could face an attitude check from WWE in his first bout.

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