CM Punk Makes Wrestling References During MMA Commentary

CM Punk

There were plenty of wrestling references at a MMA show where CM Punk was on commentary.

CM Punk was fired by All Elite Wrestling in early September following a backstage at AEW All In London. Since then, he has kept a low profile when it comes to pro wrestling with plenty of rumors about what he could do next.

While Punk isn’t actively in pro wrestling at the moment, he was on commentary for the Cage Fury Fighting Championship MMA promotion. As usual, there were pro wrestling references.

At one point during the show, Cage Fury CEO Rob Haydak was on camera with CM Punk and play-by-play announcer John Morgan with Haydak having a visible “WWE” pocket square with his suit.

There were also comments from Morgan talking about “total nonstop action” as a reference to TNA, which is a company that Punk recently visited. When Morgan said that, Punk could be seen raising his eyebrows.

CM Punk Had An Interesting Reply To Comment About Booking

At another point in the broadcast, Morgan said: “You see what happens when you let CM Punk do the booking?” Punk replied: “Yeah, you get an entertaining show.”

That was also a reference to Punk having a major say in what happened on AEW Collision, which debuted in June with Punk as the headliner on the show that also had backstage influence as well.

The rumors of CM Punk possibly going to WWE have existed since his AEW departure. On November 25th, WWE Survivor Series will take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago with a lot of speculation about the former WWE Champion making his return to the company. However, WWE has apparently turned down CM Punk from returning to the company, but it’s a situation that could change in the future.