Former WWE Manager Believes CM Punk Will Cause Legal Problems For AEW

CM Punk

Could CM Punk soon be a legal problem for All Elite Wrestling (AEW)? It’s possible.

According to Dutch Mantell, a former WWE personality, CM Punk could potentially cause disruptions for AEW after the All Out pay-per-view brawl.

Following the fallout after Punk’s comments at the media scrum, the “Second City Saint,” Ace Steel and the entire Elite (Kenny Omega, Nick and Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks) were all handed suspensions.

Recently, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that attorneys have been present on each side of Punk/Steel and The Elite after the backstage brawl, and with The Elite in particular, it was reported that no legal action has been taken against either CM Punk or Ace Steel.

With CM Punk’s legal side, however, the possibility is there that they could attempt to jab at the Tony Khan-led company. On the most recent episode of “SmackTalk,” Mantell said that Punk could take AEW to a court of law, and this is because of The Elite having corporate status. Mantell also mentioned that Punk decides to pursue a legal path, that he could have an ace.

It’s been claimed that both Omega and the Bucks kicked open the door of Punk’s locker room, injuring the latter’s dog, Larry, in the process.

“That’s the greatest ace that he has if does decide to sue is part of the management came into his dressing room aggressively and in his viewpoint, they came in there to attack him and they can…. of course they’re going to deny it all day long but if this goes to any kind of a trial, that’s going to be a big sticking point so I don’t see him coming back.

“I think Tony Khan’s going to end up paying a bunch of money, sign the NDA and let’s go and then you talk to ….. and if they want him to not work for 90 days, I think he wouldn’t that but I think he did… he just keeping it there just for the hell of…. just to mess with him.”

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