CM Punk Announced For Two Major Upcoming WWE TV Shows

CM Punk WWE Raw

Fans of CM Punk will be able to see him during two huge episodes of WWE television.

CM Punk returned to WWE as a major surprise at the Survivor Series PLE in Chicago last November. Since his return, Punk only wrestled in one televised match as the runner-up in the Royal Rumble.

That’s because, during the Royal Rumble match, Punk suffered a torn right triceps while taking the Future Shock DDT from Drew McIntyre. The injury wasn’t McIntyre’s fault. It was just a freak thing that happened in the match.

Despite his injury, CM Punk still had a big role at WrestleMania 40 Sunday as an announcer during the Seth Rollins-Drew McIntyre World Heavyweight Title. McIntyre beat Rollins clean to end Seth’s 10-month reign as the World Heavyweight Champion, but Drew’s celebration didn’t last that long.

After the match, McIntyre chose to taunt his rival Punk, who was sick of the Scotsman’s behavior, so Punk tripped him up on the commentary table. Punk used his big right arm brace to knock McIntyre down on the floor. That beating led to Damian Priest cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase on McIntyre and hitting a South of Heaven Chokeslam on McIntyre to win the World Heavyweight Title.

On WWE Raw in Philadelphia, Punk cost McIntyre a four-way match to earn a World Title shot against Priest. Punk will likely wrestle McIntyre this summer when Punk is cleared from his injury, but for now, the former WWE Champion is enjoying his time making life hell for McIntyre.

As for what’s next for CM Punk, WWE has announced that he will appear live at the WWE Draft on the April 26th episode of Smackdown in Cincinnati and the April 29th edition of Raw in Kansas City. Punk may be drafted in the draft or the company may choose to make him a free agent since he may not be cleared to wrestle yet.

CM Punk Featured On AEW Dynamite Despite Being Fired By The Company

Even though CM Punk was fired by All Elite Wrestling last September after a backstage fight with Jack Perry, the company can’t seem to move on from him since they showed footage of Punk’s fight with Perry on AEW Dynamite. The footage showed Punk going up to Perry, the two men argued, Punk shoved him in the chest and Punk tried to apply a headlock, but the fight was broken up.

There is frustration in AEW over Tony Khan’s decision to air the Punk-Perry footage, which Khan claimed was done to further The Young Bucks’s feud with FTR, who are close friends of Punk.

The good news for AEW is Dynamite ratings went up by about 8% and the Punk-Perry footage likely was a big reason why due to fans wanting to see what AEW would show.

CM Punk’s response to the footage on Dynamite saw him go on Instagram stories and share a George Bush “Mission Accomplished” image.