The John Report: AEW Dynamite 04/10/24 Review

AEW Dynamite April 10 Review

This week’s AEW Dynamite saw Samoa Joe in action against Dustin Rhodes, plus The Young Bucks presented some exclusive footage.

I missed AEW Dynamite last week due to being in Philadelphia for WrestleMania week. I didn’t watch anything from the show, nor did I read about it. It was vacation for me and I was focused on WWE stuff. It’s nothing against AEW. It was just a very busy week for me.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #236 from the Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, West Virginia. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. The commentary team was Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz.

Samoa Joe, the AEW World Champion, made his entrance for a match. He had a bloody contract signing with Swerve Strickland last week to set up their match at AEW Dynasty. Swerve attacked Joe on the stage. They went fighting by the side of the ramp. Swerve tackled Joe through a vertical table while Joe had a dazed look on his face to sell it.

Analysis: It was a good way to further the story to show how it’s become a personal rivalry between Joe and Swerve.

A clip aired from last week when Trent Beretta turned on Orange Cassidy after they lost a tag team match to The Young Bucks.

Renee Paquette was outside of Orange Cassidy’s locker room saying that Orange will address Trent’s actions this Friday on Rampage.

TNT Championship: Adam Copeland vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes)

Penta hit a Spear and a double foot stomp for a two count. Penta clotheslined Adam out of the ring. Penta charged, but Adam moved out of the way to avoid a diving attack. When Adam went into the ring, Penta chopped him hard in the chest as the show went to a picture-in-picture break.


The match continued with Penta remaining on offense with a running kick to the head. Adam managed to get a headscissors takedown. Penta faked a kick and then connected with a superkick for two. Adam did three consecutive leapfrogs, then Penta did a headscissors and Adam did a headscissors. Penta & Adam did a double clothesline spot along with a double boot to the face so they both bumped at the same time. Adam and Penta did the elbow strike exchange. Penta ran the ropes leading to a Slingblade neckbreaker. Adam was on the floor, so Penta hit a somersault dive over the top onto Adam on the floor. Adam got back into the ring before the ten count. Penta hit a running kick while Adam was on the apron. They went to another PIP break.


Penta remained in control with a Backstabber for a two count. Adam finally got some offense going by getting a hold of Penta on his shoulders and then Adam hit a sitout slam to drive Penta into the mat. Adam did a submission where he twisted the knee while dropping to his left knee in a move he used to call Edgecution, but it didn’t have that name in AEW. Penta sent Adam into the turnbuckle followed by Penta hitting a stalling dropkick for two. Adam trapped Penta in a Crossface submission, but Penta got his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Penta sent Adam to the apron followed by a jumping kick. Penta went for an attack on the apron, but Adam kicked Penta in the ribs. Adam shoved Penta into the turnbuckle and Penta hit a thrust kick. Adam caught a charging Penta leading to a powerslam on the apron. Adam charged at Penta on the floor, Alex moved Penta out of the way and Adam hit Alex with a Spear on the floor. They set up on the turnbuckle where Penta hit a Code Red off the middle turnbuckle for a two count. Penta pulled back on Adam’s right arm leading to a two count. Penta went for a springboard attack, but Adam ran the ropes and Adam hit a Spear for the pinfall win after 21 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Adam Copeland

Analysis: ***3/4 An excellent match between two veterans. Penta was on offense for the first 15 minutes of the match. Adam barely got offense in that time. Even after that first 15-minute period, Penta still got a lot of offense and that Code Red getting a two count was a terrific nearfall. I liked the finish with Penta going for a springboard attack, but Adam nailed the Spear out of midair leading to the victory. I liked this match a lot. They got a lot of time and both guys put on a tremendous performance.

After the match, the lights went out. When they came back on, Julia Hart was staring at Adam, and Brody King beat up Adam with a forearm smash. Brody stomped on Adam. King held Adam for Hart to hit him, but Willow Nightingale ran out to the ring to fight with Hart. King saved Hart from that. King charged at Adam, who ducked, so King bumped over the top to the floor.

Analysis: It was just a way to further the story with Adam teaming up with Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe against House of Black at the Dynasty PPV.

The trio of Chris Jericho, Hook and Katsuyori Shibata were interviewed by Renee Paquette about a six-man tag team match. Jericho said that Hook & Shibata will learn from Jericho. That led to Jericho talking about his match strategy. Jericho was wearing a LionHook shirt. Shibata played a voice on his phone asking Hook what is Jericho’s deal and Hook told Shibata to trust him. Shibata’s voice on the phone told Renee that he liked Renee’s necklace.

At AEW Dynasty, it’s The Young Bucks vs. FTR for the AEW Tag Team Titles. They showed clips of their three matches. FTR leads the series 2-1 including their match at AEW All In last year.

The Young Bucks were up next.


Mark Briscoe, the ROH World Champion, and Eddie Kingston were interviewed by Renee Paquette. Mark said that he had a dogfight with Kingston when he won the title. Kingston said he was beat up too and they do what they gotta do. Adam Copeland walked up to them saying he’s as good as he can be right now. Adam wanted to make sure they were good ahead of Dynasty. Stokely Hathaway wanted Adam to put the TNT Title on the line against Willow Nightingale. Willow said no. Willow suggested a tag team match with Adam against Brody King & Julia Hart, which Willow agreed with. Eddie walked out of the interview and then it cut away.

The Young Bucks Air Footage From AEW All In

The Young Bucks were shown backstage. Nicholas Jackson talked about how at AEW All In last year they faced FTR in a match where fans said that their match with FTR would determine the best team of this generation. Matthew Jackson talked about how Jack Perry was the scapegoat in the backstage fight at AEW All In. Nick Jackson said that FTR are friends with the guy that Perry fought with. Matthew said that they were thrown off their game after the backstage fight because the locker room was in disarray. Matthew claimed they had no time to hydrate or pray. Matthew said that FTR beat The Young Bucks at All In London, but he thinks there should be an asterisk for the FTR victory. Matthew said that the incident itself wasn’t even the worst part. Matthew said it resembled more like a high school scrap. Matthew said that this incident threatened to take down their biggest show of all time. Nick said let’s roll the tape.

They showed the footage from backstage at AEW All In when CM Punk went up to Jack Perry backstage while several other people around. We obviously couldn’t hear them since it was from a camera from a distance. Punk was shown talking to Jack Perry. We could see Punk deliver the first strike to Perry by shoving him in the chest. Punk attempted a choke as well. It was quickly broken up by Samoa Joe (Punk’s opponent at AEW All In), Jerry Lynn, a referee and others. Punk was taken away from the scene.

Matt Jackson said that the worst part of the whole thing was that it was the biggest wrestling show where AEW sold the most tickets ever and they (The Young Bucks) were distracted. Matt said that FTR wanted to shake their hands. Nick said that at Dynasty, they are not shaking their hands and called FTR pricks. The Young Bucks walked away to end it.

Analysis: AEW said they are going to show the fight footage from All In and they did it. I give them credit for actually showing it. With that said, I don’t think it’s a good idea to show footage of a former wrestler like CM Punk, but obvious Punk’s interview comments from last week upset people within AEW and they felt like showing this footage to mock/embarrass him. Punk did the first strike at Perry, so I assume AEW wanted to show it so show that it was Punk’s fault that the fight happened. There wasn’t much to the fight since it was quickly broken up. If it was me, there’s no way I would show this on an episode of Dynamite. I know it was done by The Young Bucks in character and they didn’t even mention Punk by name, but it doesn’t really do much for AEW other than make them look petty because Tony Khan was hurt by Punk trashing AEW in an interview in an interview last week. If I’m AEW, I wouldn’t give a shit if a former wrestler trashed the company. Focus on yourselves, not others. That’s it.

FTR Responds To The Young Bucks

The FTR duo of Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler walked out to the ring. Cash wondered why The Young Bucks showed that. Cash said that they are sick and tired of talking about this. Cash said that they are ready to move on and put this in the past. Cash said that instead of the fact that they are doing some of their best shows ever, they are showing videos from eight months ago. Cash said that Rod & Todd Flanders can’t take that they lost to FTR. Cash said that at Dynasty, they have to beat The Young Bucks because they are sick of the Young Bucks as “petty little bitches.”

Dax Harwood said that The Young Bucks like to remind people that without them, AEW probably wouldn’t exist. Dax said that without The Young Bucks, he still might be shaving Cash’s back (a reference to them being in WWE). Dax said that because of The Young Bucks, FTR has eclipsed them as the best tag team on the planet. Dax said that somewhere along the way, the Young Bucks cared about AEW and now all The Young Bucks care about is what’s best for the EVPs. Dax said that on their backs, they will continue to build AEW and they will do it for the future of all professional wrestlers. Dax said that they are doing this for the fans who spend their money on one ticket to get lost in our drama and our action. Dax said that they are doing this for the fans. Dax said that if The Young Bucks don’t want to be part of this AEW, go home because FTR has got this. Dax said that this ain’t about Wembley or All Out. Dax said that this is about the AEW Tag Team Championships. Dax said that one team will walk out as the first-ever three-time AEW Tag Team Champions. Dax said that they will put the roof on top of this house just to blow that son of a bitch off.

Analysis: Great promos from the FTR guys talking about their passion for pro wrestling and their dislike of The Young Bucks, who are doing well as heels. It’s an easy match to care about because they always have great matches together.


A video aired about Bryan Danielson ahead of his match against Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty on April 21.

Will Ospreay Interview

Will Ospreay was interviewed by Renee Paquette on the stage. Will told the fans that he got five minutes while TV time is expensive. Will claimed there is this rumor that he is afraid of the grind. Will talked about how he is one of the only guys traveling from the UK to America every week and he is delivering some of the best professional matches this world has ever seen. Will said that the guy who said the comment is only in the position he is in because was grinding the boss’ daughter (a reference to Triple H). Will told this guy to not throw stones at a man like Will with his machine gun. Will moved on talking about Bryan Danielson saying that many people have tried and failed against him. Will said that we are talking about Bryan Danielson, who is a living legend in this game. Will talked about how he can’t call himself the best wrestler in the world until after Dynasty when he pins Bryan in that ring because these people pay a lot of money to see the best wrestlers go at it. Will said that this is AEW where the best wrestle. Will said that it’s his time to show why he is the Ace of All Elite Wrestling. Will said that Danielson will find out why his name is Will Ospreay and why he is on another level.

Analysis: There were comments from Triple H at the WrestleMania 40 press conference about how some guys chose not to be in WWE since they were afraid of the grind in WWE. That is obviously something that stung Ospreay and AEW, so that’s why he addressed it. This company really loves responding to WWE people, huh? It all seems petty to me.

A video aired about TBS Champion Julia Hart talking about her upcoming Dynasty match against Willow Nightingale. Julia said she will kill Willow’s spark, turn her smile into a frown and make sure she never touches her crown. Hart said that she is the Princess of the Black Throne and the keeper of secrets while it’s her destiny to remain the TBS Champion. Julia said that the “House” always wins.

Chris Jericho, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Shane Taylor Promotions – Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty & Anthony Ogogo

Jericho was in control of Lee to start the match. Jericho worked over Lee with repeated clotheslines against the turnbuckle along with a top rope hurricanrana. Shibata tagged himself in with a hard forearm smash to Lee’s face. Big man Taylor tagged in against Hook, who connected with some body shot punches. After a distraction by Ogogo, Taylor decked Hook with a clothesline.


The match returned with Hook hitting Taylor with a German Suplex. Shibata tagged in against Lee with a high boot and a running knee smash. Shibata worked over Lee with repeated chops to the chest. Shibata hit a running dropkick on Lee against the turnbuckle. Shibata nailed a floatover suplex on Lee for a two count. Shibata went for a running kick, Lee moved and Shibata kicked Jericho off the apron by accident. Lee tried an attack, but Shibata tripped up Lee for a takedown. Jericho pulled Hook off the apron telling Hook to listen to him. Lee charged with a kick, but Shibata avoided it and applied a sleeper. Taylor punched Shibata hard in the head while Jericho argued with Hook on the floor. Lee hit a hard slam into the mat for the pinfall win after nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Shane Taylor Promotions – Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty & Anthony Ogogo

Analysis: **1/2 This was more about the story rather than trying to have a great match. Shibata accidentally kicking Jericho upset Jericho, so Jericho argued with Hook and that allowed the heels to take over to win. Ogogo barely did anything in the match, which means AEW is still using him sparingly after not doing much with him for a few years. Jericho’s reaction seemed a bit over the top for one accidental kick, but that’s AEW sometimes. They tend to overreact with some of their stories.

After the match, Chris Jericho left on his own while Hook raised Shibata’s hand even though they lost the match.

Dustin Rhodes was interviewed by Renee Paquette, who said that Samoa Joe is cleared to compete later tonight. Dustin said we know what’s on the line here. Dustin said he’s about grit, work ethic, passion and glory because that’s what he does each and every week. Dustin said tonight will be no different.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Cristiano Argento

Okada is the AEW Continental Champion. Okada decked Argento with an elbow smash. Okada picked up Argento leading to a cradle backbreaker. Okada hit a dropkick followed by the Rainmaker clothesline for the pinfall in under two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kazuchika Okada

Analysis: Squash city. Easy win for Okada beating a jobber.

After the match, Okada told Pac that he accepts his challenge. Okada said he would see Pac at Dynasty.

Pac made his entrance to confront Okada, but The Young Bucks showed up to support Okada since they are The Elite together. The Young Bucks hit double superkicks on Pac. FTR ran out for the save as Cash Wheeler tossed Okada out of the ring. Cash clotheslined Nicholas Jackson out of the ring. Okada was back in with a steel chair that he used to hit Cash. Okada hit Harwood with a chair to the back. Matt superkicked Wheeler and Nick superkicked Harwood. Matt superkicked Harwood. The Young Bucks hit their EVP Trigger double knee smash on FTR. Okada nailed Pac with a stiff chair shot to the side of the head (or maybe the shoulder) of Pac. The Elite posed to end it.

Analysis: That was an effective segment in terms of getting heat on The Elite. That match between Okada and Pac should be outstanding.

The Bullet Club Gold trio of Jay White and The Gunns did a promo about their issue with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Jay bragged about destroying Darby Allin’s ankle and retaining the ROH Trios Tag Team Titles. White bragged about beating up Billy Gunn too. White suggested a match at Rampage and told The Gunns to find somebody for him to face. We found later it would be Matt Sydal against White.


They did a segment with AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa called a Charleston Champagne Toast with Renee Paquette on the stage trying to organize this. Storm threw champagne in Rosa’s face. Storm threw champagne in Rosa’s face and punched her a few times. Storm hit Rosa with a tray. Deonna Purrazzo ran out for the save, Luther got in her face and Storm left. Rosa didn’t seem like she wanted Purrazzo’s help, so Deonna left.

Analysis: Weak angle. It was rushed and I feel bad for the women not getting more time to tell a story. This felt like “hey let’s give the women two minutes on the show” and not much else.

Mariah May vs. Anna Jay

This feels like a random match. I don’t know if there’s a story. It’s the usual spot for the AEW women. May worked over Jay with some hard chops followed by a headscissors takedown. Jay got some offense by using the ropes as an assist. May headbutted Jay and knocked her out of the ring, so the show went to a PIP break there.


May was in control with a dropkick. May tried a hip attack, but Jay avoided it and Jay hit an elbow. Jay hit a running spin kick against the turnbuckle. Jay slammed May off the ropes for a two count. May hit a jumping kick followed by a missile dropkick off the top. May hit a running hip attack on Jay against the turnbuckle. Jay hit back kick to May followed by a flatliner for a two count. May countered a Jay move leading to a sunset flip pin for the pinfall win after eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Mariah May

Analysis: **1/4 It was just an average match. Typical AEW women’s match that got under ten minutes. The finish was one of those things that came out of nowhere rather than a decisive victory for May. It doesn’t help when there’s no story going into the match too.

After the match, Jay applied the Queenslayer submission choke on May to choke her out. Mina Shirakawa from Stardom ran out for the save to no reaction. Jay retreated from the ring. After the match, Mina gave May some champagne and May enjoyed it. Mina also gave May a brief kiss on the lips.

Analysis: I don’t know much about Mina Shirakawa and I doubt most AEW fans know either, but at least the kiss was something that might pop the people watching. That’s all I got for that.

Mercedes Mone, the CEO, was interviewed backstage by Alex Marvez. Mercedes talked about facing the TBS Champion at AEW Double or Nothing. Mercedes said she’s a history maker and game changer who wants to go to Vegas to become the TBS Champion. Marvez mentioned the TBS Title match at Dynasty between champion Julia Hart and Willow Nightingale. Mone said that Julia has been an unpredictable champion. Mone said that Willow is a force to be reckoned with and said that Willow is dangerous. Mone said that almost a year ago, she faced Willow for the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship where she got injured in that match and lost that chance to hold that championship. Mone said that she hates to lose, but she always has a plan and she’s on a mission. Mone was asked who she prefers to face. The lights went out and Mone was attacked. The lights were back on with Marvez saying that Mercedes needs help while Mercedes was on the ground.

Analysis: The lights off attack would suggest that Julia Hart attacked Mercedes since that’s what happens with Hart’s House of Black group. I don’t know why AEW is putting Mercedes in a TBS Title match when they should just put the AEW Women’s Title on her. Having Mercedes win the secondary women’s title instead is a dumb move, in my opinion. Put the bigger title on her right away.

The Samoa Joe-Dustin Rhodes main match was up next.


Samoa Joe vs. Dustin Rhodes

They called this an AEW World Title Eliminator Match meaning if Dustin Rhodes wins then he would get an AEW World Title match against Samoa Joe.

Dustin worked over Joe with punches, but Joe came back by tossing Dustin out of the ring. Joe sent Dustin into the barricade at ringside. Dustin fought back with punches. They were back in the ring as Joe worked over Dustin with jabs along with Dustin hitting a running clothesline. Joe headbutted Dustin out of the ring. Joe sent Dustin hard into the ring post. Dustin did a blade job so he was bleeding from the forehead as the show went to a PIP break.


Joe was in control with a running senton splash for a two count. Dustin was a bloody mess. Dustin caught a charging Joe and nailed him with a powerslam. Dustin was too hard to go for a cover. Dustin worked over Joe with a punch combo followed by the Dusty elbow and a Code Red slam for a two count. Dusty didn’t do a Code Red, that’s for damn sure. Dustin worked over Joe with repeated punches to the head and Joe shoved him leading to Joe nailing a clothesline. They were on the floor again where Dustin rammed Joe’s head into the ring post. Dustin brought the AEW World Title into the ring, so referee Paul Turner told Dustin he couldn’t use that or it would be a disqualification. Dustin put the title down. Dustin hit Cross Rhodes on Joe for one…two…no. That’s a move that won a big match a few days ago. Dustin charged at Joe, but Joe caught him with a uranage slam. Joe had a steel chain, the referee took it away from him and Joe nailed Dustin with the AEW Title to the head (the referee never saw it). Joe covered Dustin for the pinfall win. Tony: “That was really smart by Joe.” True. It went about 10 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Samoa Joe

Analysis: *** A good match from two grizzled veterans. It was like an old-school fight with Dustin taking a beating before making the big comeback. Dustin doing the blade job also made it feel old-school as well. Joe managed to outsmart Dustin with the AEW World Title shot to the head. It made Dustin look dumb while Joe looked like a very smart heel champion.

After the match, Joe choked out Dustin, but Swerve Strickland showed up with a House Call kick to the head. Swerve punched Joe with the steel chain. Swerve tried to attack Joe again, but security and wrestlers from the locker room appeared to separate them. Swerve held up Joe’s AEW World Title. Joe stared at Swerve from a distance. The show ended at about 10:02 p.m. ET so it was only a short overrun this week.

Analysis: A quick angle post match. I think Swerve should win the AEW World Title at Dynasty later this month and I think it’s going to happen. Joe has had a solid reign as the champion, but I think it’s important that AEW does a title change to put over a new champion like Swerve. I hope it happens.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Adam Copeland/Penta
  2. Samoa Joe
  3. Dustin Rhodes


The Scoreboard

This Week: 6.75 out of 10

Last Week: No review.

2024 Average: 7.52


Final Thoughts on AEW Dynamite

It was a solid episode of AEW Dynamite overall. Some star power was clearly missing this week. There was only one match in the first hour, which is rare for AEW. I liked that Adam Copeland/Penta match for the TNT Title with Penta getting most of the offense before Adam hit a Spear on a leaping Penta for the win. Some of the other matches were just average like the Chris Jericho tag team match and the May/Jay women’s match that was pretty boring. Samoa Joe’s match with Dustin Rhodes was okay, but it only got about ten minutes. I think it’s time for Swerve Strickland to win the AEW World Title at Dynasty in a couple of weeks.

They really need to cut back on their obsession with WWE. The Young Bucks aired footage of CM Punk’s shove to Jack Perry and a quick choke by Punk was shown. It was done to further the Bucks story with FTR, which is fine in theory, but all anybody will talk about is AEW showing a CM Punk clip from eight months ago. Will Ospreay also took a shot at WWE boss Triple H while claiming Triple H was only in his position because he was “grinding” the boss’ daughter. I get that AEW people are obsessed with AEW and Will felt he needed to respond, but it makes AEW look like the minor leagues when they constantly try to reply to this stuff. Stop focusing on WWE so much and focus on trying to sell more tickets so you can get more than 3,000 fans at a Dynamite taping.

I like the Kazuchika Okada-Pac match being added to the Dynasty PPV. The card for that show is very strong and I think it will be an excellent show. Their PPVs do not disappoint.

AEW Dynasty takes place on PPV on April 21st with this lineup so far.

* AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland

* Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson

* Tournament finals for the vacant AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

* AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

* Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, and Mark Briscoe vs. The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews)

* AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Pac

* AEW TBS Championship: Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

There will likely be more matches added to the show.


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