How CM Punk & Seth Rollins Are Really Getting Along In WWE

Seth Rollins CM Punk on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins and CM Punk are walking a fine line.

Even before CM Punk stepped back into a WWE ring Seth Rollins was surprisingly vocal about his dislike of the star. By the time Punk re-signed with WWE, Rollins showed no sign of backing down and the pair went nose to nose in a heated promo on Raw.

However, in more recent months Rollins has been distracted by Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline, while he’ll defend the World Heavyweight Title against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania.

On the March 25th episode of Raw, Punk, Rollins, and McIntyre came face to face and to say shots were fired would be an understatement. During the segment, Punk mentioned Vince McMahon and the insults between the trio grew ever more personal. This has led to speculation about the real relationships between the three men.

According to a report from Wade Keller of PWTorch, WWE’s top stars are being given an increasing amount of freedom by Triple H. The idea is that some basic lines will be scripted and a general framework for segments created in advance, but the company’s biggest stars are encouraged to take things into the “worked-shoot” grey area.

This is the process that was followed on Raw as Punk, McIntyre, and Rollins had room to ad-lib around a pre-approved framework.

Keller adds that while Rollins had legitimate issues with Punk, the pair are working together without incident backstage.

WWE Has No Issues With CM Punk

The report comes after it was claimed WWE is pleased with how CM Punk’s return is going. The comment was franked by Keller.

Adam Pearce is believed to have produced the segment, and there was no heat backstage despite the personal content of the promo.