CM Punk Set For Big Meeting With AEW

cm punk aew arm

The saga between CM Punk and AEW could be coming to a resolution – one way or another – with the star set for showdown talks with the company and some of its stars.

CM Punk has not been seen in AEW since winning the AEW World Championship at All Out in September 2022. As is well known by now, Punk went on a tirade at the post-show media scrum and then went on to be involved in a backstage fight with The Elite, leading to them all being suspended by the company.

Recent reports have suggested that AEW is planning for Punk’s return with the rumored Saturday show being touted as giving the company the opportunity for a “soft roster split” to allow those who can’t get along to not have to share a locker room on a weekly basis.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has noted that Punk will be meeting with Tony Khan as well as other AEW stars in an apparent attempt to clear up the lingering issues:

“There is a meeting soon that involves Chris Jericho, Tony Khan, CM Punk, FTR, and there may be others in there as well. That’s coming up. I guess the idea is to resolve everything or attempt to resolve everything.”

“It’s going to be interesting. Tony Khan wants Punk back, to be the star of the Saturday show and it’s probably…I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen.”

Many have expected that AEW will need the star power of CM Punk to move tickets for All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England – but not everyone in the wrestling world would welcome him back.