CM Punk Gives Hilarious Response To Rhea Ripley Breaking The Internet

CM Punk

CM Punk is preparing to outdo Rhea Ripley’s viral moment with one of his own.

Rhea Ripley got cheeky with Nia Jax at a WWE Live Event on March 23rd when she gave the star a Stink Face. The moment immediately went viral, with fans and stars alike hoping to get the same “treatment” from The Nightmare.

One man who was watching things unfold was CM Punk, the star is set to appear on the Match 25th edition of Raw and he wants to raise the bar. Taking to Instagram Stories, he shared a doctored image of him kissing Cody Rhodes, hinting this is his plan to outdo Ripley.

“I see what [Rhea Ripley’s] been doing on house shows and I’m prepared to raise the bar. See you tomorrow Chicago!”

CM Punk's Instagram story with Cody Rhodes

Punk’s image also says “Live TV is the best, let’s all swear!” This is likely a jab at The Rock reportedly being given leeway to swear in promos, something not afforded to other stars of the company given the PG-rating of Raw and SmackDown.

Roman Reigns Hits Out At CM Punk For “Bitching” About WWE

Roman Reigns has taken a shot at CM Punk’s history with WWE. A few months after Punk infamously quit the company back in 2014, he recorded a podcast with Colt Cabana where he ripped into his experiences with the company.

In the years afterwards, he continued to be less than complimentary about WWE and Reigns has taken aim at him for reaching the top of WWE before leaving and “bitching” about it.