Roman Reigns Blasts CM Punk For Past WWE Complaints

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Roman Reigns made it clear that “I’m not like CM Punk” when it comes to his status as a WWE superstar.

When Roman Reigns debuted in WWE at Survivor Series 2012 as part of The Shield, he was part of a group (with Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) that took out Ryback during a WWE Title match involving champion CM Punk and another challenger named John Cena.

As the years went on, Punk remained a top guy until his January 2014 departure, which is what opened the door for the likes of Reigns & Rollins to ascend to the main event level that they are still a part of over a decade later.

In present-day WWE, Roman Reigns has held the WWE Universal Title for over 1300 days, which has been one of the longest title reigns in company history. CM Punk once had a 434-day WWE Title reign that was very long at the time, but it pales in comparison to Roman’s current title reign.

CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series 2023, so it’s certainly possible that he could have a future main event match with Reigns. However, Punk will have to wait until at least the summer due to his torn triceps injury suffered at the Royal Rumble.

While appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns fired a shot at CM Punk, who was very upset and angry at the end of his WWE run that ended in early 2014.

“I’m living my dream, this is what I wanted my whole life. I’m not one of those people who when I got there it’s not what I expected. I’m not like CM Punk where I got to the top of the mountain ‘Oh it’s not what I expect so I’m gonna bitch about it.’ Once you reach your goals enjoy the dream. This is what you’ve been working for and that’s exactly what I am doing.”

Roman Reigns Says He Is Constantly Working

Critics of Roman Reigns point out that he works a reduced schedule, so they want to see his title reign end because that would mean the Undisputed WWE Universal Title would be more present on television. Between Crown Jewel in November and WrestleMania 40 in April when he competes in two main event matches, Reigns only wrestled once in five months – that was at the Royal Rumble.

The interview continued with Reigns saying he’s constantly working at his craft as a legendary WWE Superstar.

“So for me, I don’t want this to end, I don’t want this dream to end. I don’t want to wake up, so I do everything I have to do to stay and maintain this position. It’s a lot of work. I’m very private about my me time and my family time, you don’t get that backstage look at everything. But know that I am constantly working. I know there is another level so I am not just satisfied with the level I am on.”

Next up for Reigns is an appearance on the March 22nd episode of WWE Smackdown in Milwaukee when he goes face to face with his WrestleMania 40 Sunday opponent, Cody Rhodes.

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