CM Punk Reacts To AEW Announcement

CM Punk

CM Punk is on his way back to AEW with Tony Khan officially announcing the news on Dynamite and now Punk has issued a light-hearted warning to those on the roster.

For months now, the saga of CM Punk in AEW has rumbled on ever since he found himself embroiled in a backstage fight with The Elite following All Out in September 2022.

When rumors emerged that the company was looking to add a Saturday night show on TNT, it quickly became evident that CM Punk would be the planned cornerstone of that program which we now know as Collision. That was confirmed on Dynamite in San Diego when Tony Khan announced that Punk will be part of the debut episode of the new show on June 17th in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, CM Punk has shared some graphics of himself and the AEW Collision branding as well as a still image of Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner giving his “Tears in the Rain” monologue with a link to a clip from the film Billy Madison where Adam Sandler warns the children he’s playing dodgeball with that “they’re in trouble now.”

CM Punk Instagram stories

Great minds must think alike as Brody King linked to the same clip as he was one of a few AEW stars who also gave their reaction to Tony Khan’s blockbuster announcement.