CM Punk Reportedly Not Wanted Back By Some In WWE

CM Punk

A new report has cast doubt on CM Punk’s future and potential return to WWE as some in the company are said to definitely not want the star back.

CM Punk infamously walked out of WWE in January 2014 after growing frustrated at his role in the company and his unhappiness at alleged medical negligence at the hands of the company’s doctors.

The former WWE Champion returned to the wrestling world to great acclaim in August 2021 when he debuted for AEW – but the honeymoon in that company was to be shorter than anyone could have imagined after he was suspended following an alleged backstage fight at All Out in September 2022.

With Punk’s future in AEW remaining uncertain as a result, there has been speculation that Punk could eventually complete an audacious return to WWE, with some close to him suggesting that Punk has caught “the wrestling bug” again.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented that CM Punk could return to WWE but says there are definitely those in the company who do not want him back:

“I know people in WWE who absolutely do not want him (Punk) there, but they are not the people on the creative team Everyone knows what happened in AEW, it’s like, ‘Do we really want that? Do we need that? No, we don’t need that, we don’t really want that’.”

“But at the end of the day, it’s not their decision. It’s the decision of Nick Khan and Stephanie and Paul (Triple H). Paul may just go in there and go, ‘Look what happened, we don’t need it’. And they don’t. They don’t need it, and he may just do that. If it was Vince, Vince would do it I think, with that kind of money at stake.”

h/t Wrestle Talk