CM Punk Needs To Keep His Nose Clean In WWE Says Hall Of Famer

CM Punk on the mic in WWE

Kurt Angle is hopeful that CM Punk won’t be ruffling any feathers during his WWE comeback.

Almost a decade after walking out, CM Punk made his shock return to WWE at Survivor Series. Since then, he has been a hot topic in the wrestling world once more, with many legends weighing in on what his run in the company could look like.

The latest of these is WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. On the latest edition of his podcast, the Olympic Gold Medallist explained that while it’s great news, he hopes Punk will stay out of trouble.

“It’s great news. I’m really surprised he’s back. I will say this: if he keeps his nose clean and doesn’t ruffle any feathers, he’s gonna have a great time there. He’s gonna really be huge for the company, but we know that CM Punk can sometimes get himself in trouble. Hopefully, he won’t.”

Angle’s comments allude to the controversies the star was the center of in AEW, the final straw being a backstage altercation with Jack Perry that led to CM Punk being fired with cause in September.

CM Punk Could Be Tested By WWE

CM Punk could find his attitude being tested in WWE. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has speculated the company could have the Straight Edge Superstar lose in his comeback match to see how he reacts.

When that match takes place remains to be seen, but we may find out more when CM Punk returns to SmackDown on December 8th.

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