AEW Code Of Conduct Revealed In The Wake Of CM Punk Issues

CM Punk

Following some recent critical comments by AEW’s CM Punk, some new information has been revealed about what talent says in public.

At AEW All Out in September 2022, CM Punk beat Jon Moxley to regain the AEW World Title. However, after the match, Punk went on a press conference rant against numerous people leading to Punk and his friend Ace Steel fighting The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega. That led to injuries, suspensions, Steel being fired and Punk’s future being unknown. Since Punk tore his triceps in the match with Moxley, he had to have surgery to repair it and he’s apparently close to returning to the ring.

There are apparently plans for AEW to bring back CM Punk now that the former two-time AEW World Champion is likely healed from the torn triceps he had surgically repaired last September.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer that the AEW talent handbook was circulated after Punk’s public criticism of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and others. Talent is banned from talking to media without company authorization, among other things. Meltzer shared a passage in the newsletter.

“Public Criticism of Fellow Team Members. AEW policy prohibits public criticism of fellow team members. Such prohibited public statements may include, but are not limited to: Accusations or criticism of fellow team members or the organization as a whole. Accusations or criticism of tactics/style of wrestling of fellow team members.”

“Accusations or suggestions that certain issues consistently occur in a particular match. Innuendos and indirect statements will also be considered prohibited. While understanding that social media can be used to help advance storylines, first please check with those with whom you are working before posting. Feel free to run potential posts by Christopher Daniels, a coach or a member of Legal/HR or PR team before posting.”

Clearly, CM Punk did not clear his post with AEW’s team since he would go on to call Chris Jericho a liar & stooge while also trashing Jon Moxley.

As for where he is currently, CM Punk was in Los Angeles yesterday as shared by the AEW tag team FTR – Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, who are good friends of Punk.