AEW Working On Trying To Bring CM Punk Back

cm punk aew arm

A new report has revealed how close CM Punk has been to returning to AEW.

CM Punk hasn’t been seen in AEW since his post-match rant and brawl which took place at All Out 2022, which also resulted in him being stripped of the AEW World Championship.

The former title holder has also hit out at a number of people on social media recently, in posts which were swiftly deleted.

Now, Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer is reporting that AEW had been working on reconciliation with CM Punk, and that a deal may have been close or even struck.

The situation with C.M. Punk became a bigger story this week when he put up an instagram post where he went off on Tony Khan, Jon Moxley, myself and Chris Jericho, which he immediately took down. This came while sides were working on a reconciliation that was at least in principle agreed to, per the decision of Khan who wanted him back.

Where things stand at this moment are unknown. There are tons of complicated issues involved and differences of opinions on the subject. But it was going to happen and then this happened and it still may end up happening.

Meltzer then went on to talk about CM Punk’s matches with Jon Moxley, and the discussions between Punk and Khan which led to a match whilst the title holder was still not medically cleared.

A key question is him saying Khan asked him to work before he was cleared. Moxley in an interview with Renee Paquette did bring up that Punk was hopping up and down (he never outright said on the surgically repaired foot but he did say it and it was clear he said that for a reason) which was the night Punk first returned which was on 8/10 in Minneapolis, two weeks before their quick television match was scheduled where Punk brought up in his post about not being cleared.

Khan did push for Moxley to get the first win and Punk did do that as asked even though in his post intimated he didn’t like the idea and then insinuated not being cleared which is a sticky situation and others have denied that but at this point it’s one word against another given nobody has publicly addressed or documented that subject past the point brought up and then taken down and denials of it as well.

In another sign that CM Punk may be close to returning to AEW, he was recently pictured with two more of the company’s stars.