CM Punk Discusses Having Fun During WWE Return Match

CM Punk in WWE ring

CM Punk is having fun punching Dirty Dom in the face.

CM Punk took the wrestling world by surprise when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series after almost a decade away from the company. Weeks later, Punk returned to the ring at the company’s traditional post-Christmas live event in Madison Square Garden.

There, the Straight Edge Superstar defeated Dominik Mysterio with a GTS, his first singles win in WWE since defeating Billy Gunn back in January 2014 on an episode of Raw.

On the WWE Preview Special, Punk looked back on the match and discussed his love of performing at house shows.

“It was amazing. We call them live events now, which is how old I am. They were house shows to me, probably always will be. They were my bread and butter.

“TV is one thing. TV is a whole nervous ball of energy. Everybody is worried about sticking to times on television and you have a lot of bosses. When I’m on house shows, I don’t have a boss; I just have fun.”

Besides the relaxed atmosphere, Punk also enjoyed the opportunity to punch Dirty Dom in the face.

“It brings me back to starting wrestling in the first place. The reason why you do it, for some reason you’re drawn to do this, and I just got to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere in front of people who were excited to see me and I got to punch Dirty Dom in the face. All in a day’s work.”

CM Punk Recalls “Magical” WWE Return

During the same interview, CM Punk looked back on his Survivor Series return. The star recalled texting everyone who “deserved to know” about his news as he traveled to the arena. While he says the actual return was a “magical moment,” Punk admitted to feeling nervous before his music hit.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.